Video of High School Students Protesting Pride Month Film Threatened by Teacher Goes Viral


HUNTINGTON BEACH, CA – A video of California high school students protesting the showing of a Pride Month video in their class – and subsequently being threatened by their teacher for doing so – has gone viral on social media. 

The video, filmed by a student at Edison High School in Huntington Beach, California, depicts an entire classroom full of students loudly booing, groaning, and even retching as their teacher begins to play a Pride Month-themed video on a screen at the front of the classroom.  

Cries of “Stop,” “Turn it off,” and “Why are you showing this to kids?” can be heard among the dissenting voices from the students as the video starts, depicting a rainbow flag waving in the wind with the words “Pride Month” shown on screen. 

The teacher showing the film – whose identity is currently unknown – immediately becomes angry, warning the students that if they refuse to be quiet and watch the video that they will be forced to watch it in detention during the upcoming weekend instead. 

“Hey I’ll warn you guys now, if you’re going to be inappropriate, I will have supervision down and give all of you Saturday school for [inaudible]. So knock it off,” the teacher says. 

After a parent shared the video clip on social media, it went viral; after it was shared on Twitter by conservative commentator Robby Starbuck, it has garnered well over 10 million views. 

“Parents of kids at Edison High School in Huntington Beach, California say this video was played to their kids in math class,” Starbuck tweeted. “The kids clearly didn’t want to watch this pride video so the teacher threatened them with Saturday school to get them to watch it.” 

The parent who originally shared the clip on social media claimed that the video was shown to all students in all classes at the school on that day. 

Reports say that local area LGBTQ supporters also shared the video, upset over the students’ reaction. 

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