Hernando Deputies Apprehend Carjacking Suspect Just Minutes After Incident in Spring Hill

A witness saw a white female, later identified as Breanne Lucey, 41, looking into the passenger side of the vehicle, seeing that a child was inside, before jumping into the driver’s driver’s seat and driving away. A victim, still hanging onto the door, was dragged for a short distance.

SPRING HILL, FL – On Saturday, May 27, 2023, just after 10 a.m., Hernando County Sheriff’s deputies were dispatched to 6024 Ashland Drive in Spring Hill regarding an incident that was later determined to be a Carjacking. While enroute to the scene, deputies were advised that a female called 9-1-1 screaming, “My baby, my baby.”

The female, who spoke very broken English, mapped in the area of 6024 Ashland Drive. Moments into the call, the original caller was assisted by another female who provided translation services. The interpreter was able to advise the 9-1-1 operator that a Carjacking had just occurred and that there was a three-year-old child still in the car.

Deputies quickly arrived on scene and began getting information from the victim, with assistance from the interpreter. Fire rescue personnel arrived and provided treatment for the victim’s injuries.

Via the interpreter, the victim stated she was a food service delivery driver and had arrived at the Ashland Drive address to deliver food. The victim/driver exited the vehicle and took the food to the door. As she was returning to the vehicle, the victim saw a white female, later identified as Breanne Lucey, 41, looking into the passenger side of the vehicle, at the child inside.

According to authorities, Lucey then ran around to the driver’s side and got into the driver’s seat. The victim attempted to grab the driver’s door, but Lucey yanked the door closed and drove away. The victim, still hanging onto the door, was dragged for a short distance.

Deputies also spoke to a witness, who was walking a dog in the area. The witness observes Lucey get into the driver’s seat and drive away, dragging the victim.

A BOLO was issued by the dispatcher. Moments later, Deputy M. Brown spotted the stolen vehicle on Cortez Boulevard travelling westbound. Deputy Brown attempted a traffic stop in the area of Cortez Boulevard and Commercial Way; however, the driver fled. Due to the small child being in the vehicle, deputies did not engage in a pursuit, but continued to follow from a distance.

As Lucey continued driving westbound on Cortez Boulevard from Commercial Way, deputies responded to the area in an attempt to get her stopped. Marine deputies were both in the area of Hernando Beach preparing to launch their respective watercrafts when they heard the call/BOLO go out. Both deputies responded to Shoal Line Boulevard and were able to get Lucey stopped in the area of Jenkins Creek. The child was still in the vehicle.

Fire rescue responded to check the well-being of the child. The child was not injured.

The victim was transported to the location of the traffic stop to be reunited with her child and her vehicle.

The victim, with the assistance of a Spanish speaking deputy, identified Lucey as the person who stole her vehicle with the child inside. Lucey declined to speak with deputies about the incident and was placed under arrest and charged with Carjacking, Kidnapping and Fleeing to Elude. Her bond was set up $57,000.

Lucey was also issued a traffic citation for Fleeing to Elude.

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