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Op-Ed: Welcome To A Woke Communist Leaning Economy

Wokism will be devastating to the well-being of the nation’s economy. File photo: No-Mad, Shutter Stock, licensed.

SPRING HILL, FL – “Wokism” has subtly introduced many communist ideas into US politics. Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging are concepts if totally adopted by our culture will destroy our capitalistic system and work ethic. This would bring our nation’s economy closer to a dysfunctional one. Eventually the wonderful sounding communist promises of a welfare state of equally sharing societal wealth according to need rather than production will become reality. It sounds humane, but is it? This could be sufficiently attractive to enough U.S. citizens who adopt it to become a non-capitalist nation. 

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging are concepts that sound reasonable on the surface but are unworkable for an efficient nation’s economy. DEIB does not motivate people to do their best work possible since they must possess certain race, low economic status, gender, and sexual identification. The reality is DEIB criteria does not select on the ability to do a specific job but on meeting an arbitrary quota to fulfill a pledge of politicians. The politician is motivated by gaining a voting base to get or remain in power.  It is not about economic efficiency for maximizing production for the nation. It is about inserting Marxism into our nation through the corporate world with leftist politicians passing laws to mandate this transition. 

Diversity of the workforce means a certain ever-changing mixture of race, age, sexuality, disability, gender, and other considerations. These goals must be met to fulfill political promises in order to remain in power. These objectives are political not devised to increase economic output.

Equity is a way to distribute financial wealth from people who have it to others who do not. It is actual robbery from some to give to others who have not earned it. It internally weakens the playing field for too many individuals have little motivation to work hard. These factors do not consider how that affects economic motivation of the workers who already earned their status to be considered middle class. 

The hard working, skilled, productive workers who would be released, not for their lack of effort or for their lack of ability to produce the product, but for not meeting specific gender, race, or other criteria is inherently unfair. This government mandates in this moment of history are going to be devastating to the well-being of the nation’s economy.

This does not consider how the wealth was generated, where the wealth came from or how it was made. If a person robs money, from the rich who did not earn it distributing it can be somewhat justified like the glorious Robin Hood scenario. However, taking it from a person who has worked hard to earn it is a crime of government theft and incompetence, not justice.

Recently the DEI has added the letter, B, for Belonging. Our society is realizing that when an incompetent person is placed in a position without the necessary ability or motivation, they will fail. They are over their heads. Instead of realizing this system will not work, our government has added the letter B, for belonging. This is to appease those workers who are fed up with the unfairness of the DEIB criteria. The U.S. government bureaucracy has arbitrarily assigned government employers hiring quotas without considering the impact on comradery and production. These vital details are placed by the government in the lap of the corporate hierarchy to solve. 

Not hiring knowledgeable people to meet government mandates for DEIB creates an artificial image of a perfect setting for equality but it is nothing more than a farce. Business needs workers that are efficient, motivated, and dependable to do the best they can do. It is necessary to produce a quality product at the lowest price, not meet social mandates to please left-leaning government bureaucrats.

These concepts such as DEIB are driven by social political goals not economic ones. It might equalize the wealth of middle to the lower classes but will not increase the wealth of the lower class but lower the wealth of the middle class to create a larger lower class.  No money will be taken from the wealthiest citizens since they are the protected class.  Some wealthy might lose their status and some new people might become wealthy, but this class flourish.

The rich will be richer, the middle class will become poorer merging into a larger poor class and the economy will become increasingly less productive. Welcome to a declining economy but a vastly more communist leaning one. 

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