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Op-Ed: And Now We Have the “Trans-Mafia”

Trans Mafia
This small group of very vocal, organized, anti-science zealots, the “trans mafia”, will copy the actions of the aforementioned ANTIFA and BLM lunatics by using extortion, shake downs, and virtue shaming, to get funding for their destructive activities. File photo: Volodymyr TVERDOKHLIB, Shutter Stock, licensed.

DELRAY BEACH, FL – As if we don’t have enough nuts running around causing mayhem and violence, we now now have a group of transgender advocates doing the same thing as ANTIFA and BLM, two Marxist anarchist groups, which we can now refer to them as the “Trans Mafia”.  How did we get to this place of insanity whereby just ½ of 1% of the population (the approx. amount of transgender people) could cause us to become beholden to their nonsense?

God forbid, you mention the scientific fact that there are only two sexes, all hell will break loose and the expletives  will ring out such as, transphobic, homophobic, bigot, fascist, racist, and that overused term “white supremacist”, take your pick, you will be guilty of one or all of those epithets.

When you’re talking about the LGBTQ and the Transgender communities, you’re talking about approximately 4% of the total American population. I guess you could blame the news media and the vast majority of the Democrat Party who are totally enraptured with identity politics. The “Balkanization” of the American populace is just what the media and the Democrats thrive upon. If they can get certain groups of people fighting against each other, they can then come in as “the knight in shining armor” and play peacemaker in hopes of getting the votes of the warring people, which they instigated in the first place.

Remember back a few yeas ago, during the Obama/Biden Administration when race relations in this country took a turn for the worse? Obama, recognized as being Black, was supposed to be a unifying agent between all the disparate groups in the country, especially white/black relations, but his rhetoric and actions caused much turmoil around the country. The turmoil has continued ever since , and actually has gotten worse since then. Today, even the political parties (Democrats and Republicans) are more polarized than ever. Very little bi-partisan legislation is taking place as the Democrats have commenced a vendetta against Republicans, especially Donald Trump. It seems that no matter what Trump is for, the Democrats are against. “Trump Derangement Syndrome” is alive and well and has reached a new low with the Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg, bringing felony charges against Trump with probably the most flimsy facts in the history of the district attorney’s office of Manhattan.


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Once the radical leftists latch onto a supposed human rights violation, they organize with the help of that anti-American, Democrat donor, George Soros, who will finance, people like Bragg, through third parties, with almost unlimited infusions of campaign funds. 

You name the self-proclaimed aggrieved minority and George Soros will not be far behind with a bountiful amount of “blood money” to help in their quest to eradicate our democratic republic.

This small group of very vocal, organized, anti-science zealots, the “trans mafia”, will copy the actions of the aforementioned ANTIFA and BLM lunatics by using extortion, shake downs, and virtue shaming, to get funding for their destructive activities. Just recently, Riley Gaines, a female collegiate swimmer who lost a major race to a male transgender, Lia Thomas, was attacked and shouted down as she gave a speech at San Francisco State U., championing women’s rights to compete with other women and not biological males who claim to be women. So far, no arrests have been made, but Riley Gaines says she is going to sue the school for letting this attack happen. This tactic by the “trans mafia” is right out of the playbooks of Saul Alinsky, Al Sharpton, and Jesse Jackson, all noted shakedown artists.

We must not let these freaks of nature shame us into doing what is against Mother Nature. Peacefully confront them, but let them speak their nonsense, but don’t give into them, take the high road, otherwise the newly named “Trans Mafia” will drag us down into becoming a 3rd world nation, much to their delight..

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