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Op-Ed: “Florida is Where ‘Woke’ Comes to Die”

As Democrats and their lackeys in the media, try to shift attention away from the failed policies of the Biden Administration, they can find nothing good to say about Governor Ron DeSantis of Florida. Photo: Governor Ron DeSantis Media Center.

DELRAY BEACH, FL – That phrase was spoken by Governor Ron DeSantis of Florida, as he goes about ridding his state of the neo-Marxism and insidious race baiting that has become fashionable in liberal radical circles. His critics have been vocally accusing him of bigotry, racism, Nazism, being a dictator and a big bad bully, among other epithets. It seems they are gearing up for a possible DeSantis run for president.

After almost 6 years of using those same epithets against Donald Trump, it seems they’ll be using the same playbook against DeSantis. So far, it doesn’t seem to bother him as he doubles down in his crusade to fight the “Woke” warriors in his State of Florida and around the country.

As the Democrats and their lackeys in the media, try to shift attention away from the failed policies of the Biden Administration, they can find nothing good to say about DeSantis, even though he is not an announced candidate for president, but that doesn’t stop the Democrats from implying that he is the second coming of Adolph Hitler. It looks like that DeSantis has brought forth fear in them and that they must try to discredit and destroy him anyway they can.

The policies of Gov. DeSantis that the Democrats fear are those policies that most Americans share.  For instance, most people want their children to get a good education with emphasis on the 3’R’s, and not on an indoctrination of “social justice” policies handed down by an impersonal government of “Woke” educators and radical Boards of Education. Gov. DeSantis believes in the rule of law whereby people who break the laws should be prosecuted and not be given a “slap on the wrist” and turned back into society by George Soros’ “soft on crime” prosecutors. He also believes that the heavy hand of government should not stifle our free enterprise economic system by over regulating and over taxing business that supply the necessities of life. In addition, he believes that a man cannot become a woman and a woman cannot become a man, as nature has determined.  Also, he says that biological males should not be able to compete in women’s sports.  These and other common sense policies, are twisted around by his critics (the Democrats and most of the “fake” news media) to paint those DeSantis policies as being oppressive and a threat to our democracy.  You must wonder what planet they are living on to disbelieve the benefits that accrue by following those DeSantis policies. The people of Florida, in the last gubernatorial election in 2022, gave Gov. DeSantis an overwhelming victory of nearly 20 points over his opponent. I guess they thought he was doing something right?

So the hysteria that the Democrats and the media try to generate when describing DeSantis, is by accusing him of doing what they themselves have been doing all along. They are the one’s undermining our democracy, not Gov. DeSantis. So yes, I think most Americans feel that what Gov. DeSantis has said that the “Woke” comes to Florida to die, is what most people want to happen, not only in Florida, but around the rest of the country as well. We all should be prepared for the onslaught of “slime” that will be directed at DeSantis by the Democrats and the media if or when DeSantis announces his candidacy for president.

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