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Op-Ed: Biden Silent As Iranian Women Die for Freedom

Mahsa Amini
Protests intensify in Iran over the death of Mahsa Amine who was detained by what are known as morality police for improperly wearing her hijab, violating the Islamic law that requires head covering for all women. Image credit: Al Jazeera English / YouTube.

BOCA RATON, FL – Iran is being wracked by protests by of all people, its women. These demonstrations began back in September when 22 year old Mahsa Amine was killed by Iran’s notorious morality police when she refused to remove her hijab, violating the Islamic law that requires head covering for all women. Muslim men have no such requirements for cranium toppings. The Mullahs then tried to cover up this outright murder with lame excuses blaming the young woman for her own death. This ramped up and inflamed tensions even more, leading to street riots. You’d expect our Progressive, women’s rights babbling government leadership to step in and back those who were protesting for, you guessed it, “women’s rights.” But President Biden, who has (sort of) a woman right beneath him as Vice President, fumbled the ball. Considering all of the Biden administration’s rhetoric about gay rights, the sanctity of women and police brutality, anyone would have thought it a given that he would react with some kind of outrage at the brutal killing of this young woman. She should have been lofted up by him as some kind of heroine and had him demand that Iranian women be treated as humans and not as trash. After all, this woman was murdered by police simply because she did not submit to that nation’s aging, sexist, religious dictatorship. 

Rather, he emulated the Obama administration’s sad, meaningless, futile response to the 2009 Green Revolution protests in Iran, when it stood by and closed its eyes to those who would have brought freedom and democracy to that nation. They needed Obama’s support. They counted on it. They begged him for it. And he did nothing and thereby hundreds died along with their hopes for a free from religious dictatorship Iran. And Biden is replicating that sad, pathetic response to the needs of Iran’s desperate citizenry. He is pushing his supportive media allies to lie to the nation, to praise him for his here-to-fore non support of this feminine uprising. And they are spouting out his false narrative, the same lame excuse for inaction that Obama gave; that a nuclear accord with Iran is more vital to the world than this overt suppression of women’s rights and the supportive uprising it has generated. 

NBC’s Chuck Todd recently interviewed Biden’s National Security Advisor, Jake Sullivan, asking him if Biden wasn’t replicating Obama’s mistakes. Sullivan responded like the idiot he is, that Obama remained sort of silent because if he spoke up too harshly in support of the demonstrators, “it would undermine the protesters, not aid them.” And Biden is hoping his own cowardly response will be bought by and sold to the public by his friendly media. In his address to the United Nations last week, he sadly said; “We stand with the brave citizens and the citizens of Iran, the women of Iran, as they demand their rights and their dignity and a better future in Iran.” But Iran’s foreign minister, told Al-Monitor last week that, “Some of the pictures of the protesters being whipped and beaten have been fabricated.” While we remain basically meekly silent in support of these hero street fighters, Iran lies straight facedly to dispute us. No contest. They win, we and the protesters lose in the media and Iranian hopes for freedom go down the drain.

Biden made no call at all for global condemnation of the Ayatollah’s regime. He offered no actual support to Iran’s people. Nor did he call for other nations to stand tall on this issue. He reverted back to our half hearted support for Iran’s freedom loving people. He is lapping at the feet of the Islamic dictatorship of that terrorist supporting nation hoping they will give him a new nuclear deal that will ultimately destroy Israel, the Middle East and civilization as we know it. His actions are inane and insane. Similar to his mental condition. We believe Joe Biden is a threat to the planet’s survival. His cohorts have to be tossed in November and his application for admittance to a memory care facility has to be submitted and accepted ASAP.

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