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Op-Ed: Canada’s Pierre Poilievre Declared New Leader of the Conservative Party

Pierre Poilievre
Pierre Poilievre meets supporters at a stop on his leadership campaign. Victoria, BC, Canada – August 28th, 2022. File photo: Kevin D Jeffrey, Shutter Stock, licensed.

PORTSMOUTH, OH – Canadian citizens just received hopeful news. Bring out the Nanaimo bars, butter tarts, and flapper pie – time for a celebration. Most Americans are familiar with Prime Minister Justin Trudeau because of how he wronged the Freedom Convoy truckers who protested over mandated COVID-19 vaccines in Ottawa.  

Pierre Poilievre, elected as the leader of the Conservative Party, is opposite of Justin Trudeau, the current tyrannical Prime Minister. The goal is for Poilievre to challenge Trudeau in the future. 

How is the prime minister chosen? Canadians do not vote for a prime minister and instead they vote for an MP, a parliamentarian who belongs to a federal party but represents the constituents of a local riding in the House of Commons. On general election night, there are 338 concurrent elections across the country. Whoever leads the party that wins the most seats can become prime minister.

Since the last election was held in 2019, the next one was expected in 2023, though the timing is the discretion of the prime minister and his ability to hold the confidence of the House of Commons. 

So, what did tyrant Trudeau do? 

“Justin Trudeau has brokered a deal with the left-leaning New Democrats that will keep his minority Liberal government in power until 2025,” reported Politico in March of 2022.

Why is the election of Poilievre such good news for conservative Canadians? 

“Poilievre ran on ideas such as lowering taxes, banning his ministers from attending conferences organized by the World Economic Forum, a smaller government, and defunding the CBC (the state-funded Canadian Broadcasting Corporation),” Rebel News reported.

According to a 2020 opinion piece in Post Millennial, Justin Trudeau is already a failed prime minister. “A leader is supposed to serve their own nation, their own people above all else. In Canada, that means ensuring that each region and province is free and supported in the development of their own core industries…Yet, instead of serving all Canadians, Justin Trudeau is deliberately dividing our nation, putting international elitist opinion above the unity and prosperity of our country.” 

According to Polling Canada, 29 percent of Canadians think Justin Trudeau has been Canada’s worst prime minister since 1968, up seven points since a similar Research Co. survey conducted in July 2021.

Hmmm. Doesn’t tyrant Trudeau in Canada sound a lot like Czar Joe Biden in USA?  

Citizens, pray for new leadership for the Canadian people.  

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