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Op-Ed: Take a Look at Biden’s Pinocchio Nose – Brought to Americans by Job Creators Network


PORTSMOUTH, OH – I just experienced a deep belly laugh moment. Watch the Lying Billboard on YouTube by Job Creators Network (JCN). Oh, feels good to chuckle at Joe Biden’s schnozzle because of his gaslighting policies.  

The billboard is headlined, “STOP LYING TO SMALL BUSINESSES!” and features an animation of President Biden’s nose growing longer—invoking the classic children’s tale, Pinocchio. The ad goes on to question, “NO NEW TAXES,” “NO IRS AUDITS,” “NO RECESSION,” AND “NO INFLATION?” as examples of the White House evading the truth. 

Job Creators Network is a nonpartisan organization founded by entrepreneurs who believe that many government policies are getting in the way of the economic freedom that helped make this country prosperous. They believe the best defense against bad government policy is a well-educated public and accomplishes this through employee education. “We are the voice of Main Street.” 

Alfredo Ortiz, JCN President and CEO, released the following statement

“The Biden administration has obviously taken small business owners and the American people for a ride—playing fast and loose with the facts at every opportunity. Despite spin from the White House press room, the economy is in the dumps, wage increases are being engulfed by high inflation, and small businesses and the middle class will be subject to tax increases that roll downhill. Administration officials are likely spinning the truth in an attempt to reverse free falling approval ratings, but small businesses won’t be duped. Now with this billboard, Biden’s growing Pinocchio nose is on display for all Americans to see.”

A former JCN billboard headlined, “READ MY LIPS: NO NEW RECESSION”—referring to the famous line delivered by George H.W. Bush regarding taxes. The billboard goes on to say, “IT’S THE ECONOMY STUPID!” and features a picture of Biden.  

The absurdity of the Inflation Reduction Act to improve the economy is not lost on American citizens. And that’s why we need to vote and kick the phony politicians to the curb in the November 2022 elections. And we need to bring an end to the Team Biden bizarro world in 2024.  

I’m looking forward to the next JCN billboard on Joe Beelzebub Biden. 

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