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Contrasting Two Disparate Somalis: Ilhan Omar & Ayaan Hirsi Ali

Contrasting two disparate Somalis: Hirsi Ali, Somali-born, Dutch activist (left) and Congressional Representative Ilhan Omar [D-MN].

HOLLYWOOD, FL – Jay Greenberg, reporting in April 2019 in a column published by Neonnettle, said that, during an interview with a Middle Eastern magazine, Congressional Representative Ilhan Omar declared that living in “ugly” American society is “an everyday assault;” also adding that Omar claims that “every day” she is “threatened” and “demonized” due to the “ugliness” that she says is ingrained in the US populace.

Ilhan Omar is sincere. She really believes that America is ugly, and that the ugliness is inherent in Americans. She feels similarly about America’s Constitution, which she abhors, about freedom and rights, which are acknowledged and protected by the Constitution, and by anything else about America that is incompatible with her ideology and culture.

Ilhan Omar, who grew up in Somalia, would have to feel as she does about all of the aforementioned aspects of American reality, since she was indoctrinated practically from birth to believe that the teachings of Mohammad are the ultimate measure of righteousness, which diametrically oppose American mainstream morals, ethics, laws, norms, and whichever other measures of human behavior or limitations thereon one might care to mention. Most people who have been indoctrinated as she has, feel as she does.

There do exist people who have escaped the extremely unfortunate consequences of such intentional indoctrination. One such notable example is Ayaan Hirsi Ali, Somali-born, Dutch activist, whose compelling personal story of escape from the homicidal mindset and fascistic worldview of the average Islamofascist is told with an impressive intelligence and obviously rational stance that forms a poignantly damning counterpoint when juxtaposed with the unbalanced declarations of her compatriot, Ilhan Omar.

Two young women, both brought up under authoritarian Islamofascist rule, exposed to many years of deranged indoctrination in the basest of norms, went their separate ways. Ayaan became a free thinker, an advocate for human rights, and a woman of higher principles, who utterly rejected the insanity of Mohammad. Ilhan became a congressional representative, who swore falsely to support the Constitution, freedom and rights, while actually refusing to renounce Sharia (Islamic Law), which she supports instead, while also supporting terrorists who oppose America’s values, norms, and very existence.

Ayaan’s story, how her eyes were opened to the ugliness of Islamofascism, and her views on Islam, human rights, and other topics, may be heard on many videos posted on YouTube, one of which is titled “Ayaan Hirsi Ali, Infidel, Nomad, Heretic.”

While Ilhan Omar is sincere with regard to her views about the ugliness of America and Americans, her support of Sharia is sincere, as well, as is her support of Islamic terrorists whose published agenda is the destruction of America, and the establishment of a worldwide Islamic caliphate that rules every corner of the Earth under Sharia.

What would life be like for non-Muslims under rule of Sharia, if not ugly? Under Sharia, Islamofascists are authorized to carry out against non-Muslims every kind of antisocial act, atrocity, and abomination known to man. But such things are not ugly, as far as Ilhan Omar is concerned, for whom America and Americans are ugly.

Ilhan Omar says that she is threatened and demonized daily in ugly America. In countries ruled by Islamofascists, non-Muslims have no rights, are subject to severe persecution, and suffer constant abuse. But Ilhan Omar wants Americans to tolerate an ideology that normalizes severe persecution of those who refuse to embrace it.

But even now, in certain Western countries like Britain and Sweden, Islamic rape gangs have raped hundreds of thousands of non-Muslim women, authorized to do so by Sharia. And in Minneapolis, a city boasting thousands of refugees from Somalia, Islamofascists assault non-Muslims on the public commuter trains with pipes and hammers.

It must be presumed that Ilhan Omar considers such barbaric acts to be commendable, since Sharia authorizes them. But thanks to her awakening, we know that Ayaan Hirsi Ali considers such acts to be inhumanly barbaric and unacceptable.

Two Somali women of similar origin and upbringing: one who remains enslaved by indoctrination into madness; the other freed by love of freedom and rights. 

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