Post Malone Expresses Gratitude For Collaboration With Taylor Swift On ‘Fortnight’; Thanks Her For The Same


Post Malone recently expressed his gratitude and admiration for collaborating with Taylor Swift on the track ‘Fortnight,’ featured on her latest album, ‘The Tortured Poets Department.’

Malone shared his feelings on Instagram, praising Swift for her heart and mind, and expressing his deep honor at being part of her musical journey. He also mentioned his love and appreciation for Swift, thanking her for the opportunity.

In addition to lending his vocals to the song, Malone appeared in the music video as Swift’s ex-lover, portraying a tortured tragic hero. The video’s emotional storyline, depicting scenes of Swift in distress and Malone trying to rescue her, has resonated with fans.

Swift commended Malone for his contribution, noting how well he embodied the song’s essence and the themes of the album. To the delight of fans, actors Ethan Hawke and Josh Charles, famous for their roles in the classic film ‘Dead Poets Society,’ made cameo appearances in the ‘Fortnight’ music video, adding an extra layer of excitement for viewers.

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