Kellie Harper Dismissed as Tennessee Lady Vols Head Coach After Five Seasons


Tennessee Women’s Basketball Coach Kellie Harper Fired Following Underwhelming Season

Kellie Harper was fired as head coach of the University of Tennessee Lady Vols after she spent five seasons trying to turn around the women’s basketball program. 

The depressing 79-72 loss to NC State in the second round of the NCAA Tournament marked the conclusion of a season that fell short of expectations and served as the impetus for the decision.

Danny White, Tennessee’s athletic director, announced Harper’s termination. He recognized the difficulty of the decision, especially considering Harper’s remarkable record with the program as a three-time national champion student-athlete. 

Lady Vols Bid Farewell to Kellie Harper

Kellie Harper was fired as head coach of the University of Tennessee Lady Vols after she spent five seasons trying to turn around the women’s basketball program.

While highlighting the need for a new team captain to steer the Lady Vols forward, White expressed gratitude for Harper’s commitment to the team and her passion for it.

Under Harper’s direction, Tennessee stayed a competitive club in the SEC, consistently placing in the top half of the league. 

However, the squad struggled to make significant strides, especially when facing tough opponents and qualifying for the NCAA Tournament beyond the Sweet 16.

At Tennessee, Harper coached to an overall record of 108-52, with a 53-24 conference record. Harper stressed the honor of coaching a program she cherishes and thanked her alma mater for giving her the chance to lead despite the team’s defeats.

Harper thrived during her playing career at Tennessee, where she won three national titles between 1996 and 1998, under the guidance of the esteemed coach Pat Summitt. 

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Reflecting on Kellie Harper’s Coaching Legacy

This experience helped Harper advance in her coaching career. Before taking a job back in Tennessee as head coach, she had successful coaching careers at Missouri State, NC State, and Western Carolina.

Harper’s career had its good points and low points, with several WNBA draft selections, back-to-back Sweet 16 visits, and a runner-up performance in the SEC Tournament in 2023 among them. The low points were recruiting problems and injuries to key players.

The Lady Vols’ decision to fire Harper comes at a crucial time as they begin the process of selecting their next head coach. 

In order to select the ideal person to guide the venerable women’s basketball program back to prominence, White stressed the significance of conducting a comprehensive search process.

Harper’s impact on Tennessee’s history as a coach and player will live on forever as the program says goodbye to her. 

Even though Harper’s time as a coach is coming to a close, her contributions to the history of Tennessee basketball will live on as she and the Lady Vols embark on new adventures. 

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