IHOP Taps Into AI Power of Google Cloud to Enhance Online Ordering Experience

IHOP Taps Into AI Power of Google Cloud to Enhance Online Ordering Experience
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Pancake lovers rejoice! IHOP has announced plans to harness the power of artificial intelligence (AI) to help customers discover new menu items and place online orders more easily. The popular breakfast chain is partnering with Google Cloud to rollout an AI-powered recommendation engine that will suggest personalized food orders for customers on their website and mobile app.

According to IHOP Chief Marketing Officer Kieran Donahue, “Our new partnership with Google Cloud infuses AI into IHOP’s online ordering experience, making it even easier for our guests to place online orders, quickly find the items they love, and discover our newest products relevant to their individual tastes and interests.”

How It Works

Powered by Google Cloud’s state-of-the-art Recommendations AI technology, the new system learns from customers’ past purchase history and behaviors to serve up individualized menu suggestions. For example, customers who regularly order spicy dishes may see the Poblano Eggs Benedict pop up as one of their recommendations.

The AI engine also takes into account factors like location-specific promotions and pricing to display the most appealing and relevant options for each user.Logged-in customers placing online orders will see a “View Recommendations” button that generates a personalized list of suggested menu items tailored just for them.


Broad Rollout Coming Soon

IHOP stated the AI-powered recommendation engine will begin rolling out nationwide to customers ordering online from IHOP restaurants “in the coming months.” Once fully implemented, the integration of Google Cloud’s AI is intended to streamline the ordering process and help diners discover new culinary discoveries without as much browsing.

The fast casual chain is one of the latest businesses in the restaurant industry to test ways artificial intelligence can enhance the customer experience, both online and in physical locations. IHOP expects the AI recommendations to increase sales by surfacing appealing options customers may have otherwise overlooked.

Social Reaction

The announcement was met with enthusiasm on social media from IHOP fans excited about the possibility of AI helping them find their next pancake paradise:

Industry Trends

IHOP is far from alone in exploring AI integrations. Other restaurant chains have been dabbling with similar recommendation systems as well as robotics pilots at drive-thrus. Just last week, food delivery giant DoorDash revealed plans for an AI-based phone ordering assistant.

As the lines between digital and physical consumer experiences continue blurring, artificial intelligence looks poised to play a key role helping businesses provide personalized, frictionless interactions across all customer touchpoints both online and off. For IHOP, harnessing these transformative technologies could unlock new levels of customer value and brand loyalty for the future.

In conclusion, by teaming up with Google Cloud, IHOP aims to take the guessing game out of ordering pancakes by utilizing artificial intelligence. Through customized recommendations powered by purchase history data, the chain hopes more patrons will discover menu items they adore. Only time will tell if these AI insights translate into increased satisfaction and sales for one of America’s iconic breakfast restaurants.

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