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Op-Ed: Socialism and Dumpster Diving Days, Goals of Democrats

The helpless poor are being used to create wealth for others. Photo credit: Case Sensitive Films, Shutterstock.com, licensed.

BOCA RATON, FL – After nearly 250 years of unembarrassed, unbridled capitalism, that skyrocketed the United States to be the most admired, envied nation on the earth, our homegrown Leftist Destructionists are fomenting a movement dedicated to replacing free enterprise, individualism and creative human ingenuity, with the crippling economic plague of Socialism. This debilitating movement was founded by Karl Marx, in the early 1840’s, who spoke the now hidden under the covers truth about his brainchild, as such: “What we have to deal with here is a communist society, run and controlled by the government.” He never used the term “socialism,” to refer to his economic theory. Rather, he described it as: “a communist society that has not yet reached its higher stage.” And whatever name we call it, that same failed economic theory is now roller-coastering us downhill for disaster! And why?

44% of our younger generation yearn for such a society. And of course they do. Just look at their radically Leftist unionized public school teachers who are now dedicatedly teaching the federal government’s forcefully endorsed “1619 Project,” written by an ignorant, Lefty, NYT reporter. Teachers are taking over the role of the parents, as they’ve done before in every dictatorial, socialist dominated nation. And then these brainwashed kids are graduated to our university system replete with radical professors who teach their Socialist, anti-American courses. Capitalism is bad!!! Money making is evil! The helpless poor are being used to create wealth for others! Government is better able to distribute wealth! Our youth are being pummeled with dangerous, baseless information and are ripe for the taking. These kids, now being indoctrinated by a devout, religious-like cult of radicals will eventually be this nation’s leaders. Figure out where that will lead.

Think about the current craze for the Green New Deal fostered by Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, a mindless member of the Democrat Socialists of America, and supported by a host of other like low intelligence members of Congress, that weakens this nation’s ability to grow and prosper by limiting our energy dependence and relying on the nonsense of wind and solar power. Socialists demand that this nation step down from its status as a world leader to be more in line with the economic status of starving third world countries. Our standards of living are too high, they claim, because “We steal and take away the natural resources of other nations. We must give back. We must live closer to nature,” they scream out. In essence, we have to start looking like Venezuela or Cuba, countries that our own Leftists admire. For instance, there’s Dumpster diving for food on Wednesdays in Caracas. Looking forward to it! Our Progressive leaders, ignorant of the history of socialism and its paralyzing effects on societies that embrace this form of government, are leading us down the path of destruction, poverty and fascism. Why do our current elected leaders assume they are brighter, economy or social-justice wise, than the lowly citizens who placed them in office? How many members of Congress have had the experience of actually working for a real living? How many have ever stood behind a cash register, stocked shelves, punched the clock, or hired, fired, signed paychecks or worried about going out of business? How could the likes of dedicated socialists such as Senator Chuck Schumer, who landed his first job as an elected official at the age of 25 and Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi, who jumped into politics right after college, have experienced enough of real life to make decisions affecting the entire nation? What street smart qualifications do they have over those of the average check-out clerk at the supermarket? Answer the question yourself…and weep.

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