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Op-Ed: Democrats and the Main Stream Media – “I Smell a Rat”

Senator of Texas, Ted Cruz, (Photo credit: Christopher Halloran, Florida Rep. Matt Gaetz (Photo credit: C-SPAN) and Florida Governor Ron DeSantis (Photo credit: Leonard Zhukovsky,
Senator of Texas, Ted Cruz, (Photo credit: Christopher Halloran, Florida Rep. Matt Gaetz (Photo credit: C-SPAN) and Florida Governor Ron DeSantis (Photo credit: Leonard Zhukovsky,

DELRAY BEACH, FL – Now that the loony lefty Marxists/Socialists have gotten their way by getting rid of their #1 antagonist, Donald Trump, they now have set their sights on three successful Trump supporters to try to bring them down and discredit them in the eyes of the public before they become too popular. I’m referring to Governor Ron DeSantis, of Florida, Senator Ted Cruz of Texas, and Representative Matt Gaetz of Florida. It seems like the Russian collusion and conspiracy scenario, cooked up by the Democrats, is “deja vu” all over again. All innuendo and nit-picking “facts”, and statements taken out of context, and palpable lies put forth as the truth, are raising their ugly heads again.

Since Governor DeSantis has gotten almost universal praise for his handling of the COVID virus in his home state of Florida (except by the Democrats and their surrogates in the media), he is now in the cross-hairs of the Democrats who fear him as a credible potential Republican presidential candidate in 2024. His greatest sin, according to he lefty-loons, is his present and past support of Donald Trump. No matter what he says or does, his enemies spin his actions in a negative way, just like they did with Trump. Just recently, the CBS show, “60 Minutes” did a hit-piece on DeSantis by trying to attach him to a “pay for play” vaccine scheme with a big supermarket food chain in Florida, Publix, but omitted part of what he said that completely refuted their implication of wrong doing. Even some elected Democrats called the CBS interview a fraud and backed what DeSantis said that was purposely omitted from the version on the “60 Minutes” program.

As for Senator Ted Cruz, he is a lightening rod for Democrats who abhor his fiery rhetoric and poignant jabs at the Biden administration, especially as it pertains to the “open border” policy of the Biden administration. By leading fellow Senators to the border to see first-hand what the crisis is at the border, and to show the incompetence of how Biden is handling it, and screwing up what Trump put in place in stemming the invading hordes of illegal aliens, they condemn him. For his actions, he has been designated as the worst U.S. Senator, who must be denigrated and vilified. He tends to inflame the Democrats to no end, but he usually out-wits them with his erudite wit and fact based rhetoric.

Finally, within the past week or so, Representative Matt Gaetz, has earned the enmity of the slowly imploding Democrats because of his ‘take no prisoners’ manner of speaking and full-on support of Trump and his policies. An article that appeared in the N.Y. Times (sometimes referred to as the N.Y. Slimes), that used anonymous sources to accuse Gaetz of the sex trafficking of a 17 year old girl, is a good example of their sleazy “journalistic” operation. Of course, the “lame stream media” immediately latched unto this story, as they had a tendency to hate Rep. Gaetz with a passion, even if the N.Y. Times had lied about Republicans many times in the past. They wanted to discredit this ardent Trump supporter before he became too popular in the eyes of the public. It seems the “fake news media” outlets were just “chomping on the bit” to get something on the fiery Gaetz to tarnish his rising star in the Republican Party. The track record of the N.Y. Times in matters pertaining to Republicans is atrocious to say the least. It seems no matter how salacious and unverified the charges against a Republican is, they will print it as fact, even when later it was determined to be misinformation or an outright fabrication, but it sees they couldn’t care less as the damage, to the Republican will already have been done. Rep. Gaetz has vehemently denied all the charges against him, and as of this writing, no names have come forth to support the N.Y. Times story. Rep. Gaetz, according to our law, is presumed innocent until proven guilty in a court of law. Until then, “I SMELL A RAT” as to the authenticity of this Times story.

What this exemplifies is that the Democrats and their shills in the media will do anything to discredit their enemies.  According to them, “The End Justifies the Means”. The Republicans must fight fire with fire or the lying Democrats and the compliant media will prevail to the detriment of the entire country.

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