Nevada Governor Steve Sisolak Officially Puts Halt to All Evictions During COVID-19 Pandemic; 30-day Shutdown On All “Non-Essential” Businesses

Governor Sisolak’s moratorium – signed this week and due to take effect immediately – currently disallows lockouts, notices to quit or pay, or eviction filings while the state of emergency is in effect. Photo credit: C-SPAN.

LAS VEGAS, NV – Due to the ongoing effects of the coronavirus pandemic sweeping the nation, Governor Steve Sisolak this week has put a temporary prohibition on all evictions in the state of Nevada until such time as the emergency situation has passed, according to reports.

With a 30-day shutdown mandated by Governor Sisolak on all businesses deemed to be “non-essential” putting many people temporarily out of work, many Nevada residents are facing financial hardship; for people living paycheck-to-paycheck, evictions or foreclosures had become a very real threat. However, the Governor’s moratorium – signed this week and due to take effect immediately – currently disallows lockouts, notices to quit or pay, or eviction filings while the state of emergency is in effect.

“We’ve now reached a point, as we head into April 1, where tens of thousands of Nevadans are wondering how they’re going to make rent or pay their mortgage,” Sisolak said. “These are good, hard-working people who are just looking for one of the most basic and essential necessities: a roof over their heads. “This is not the time to put people out on the streets. This is also not the time to evict small business owners who have been hit hard by the economic fallout of this pandemic.”

Nevada Governor Steve Sisolak

In addition to the afore-mentioned directives, the order waives all late fees throughout the emergency period; once the emergency is officially over, Sisolak noted that any landlords that are owed back-rent by their tenants should work with them on devising a repayment plan.


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According to Tony Sena of Shelter Realty Inc., a property management firm with over 500 rental properties under management in the Las Vegas area, they have already heard from several tenants who have lost income.

We’ve had numerous tenants who have lost their jobs due to business shutdowns caused by COVID-19 and we’re actively working with tenants to create ‘rent payment plans’ to help get through this unprecedented time. As for landlords who are worried they won’t be able to pay their bills, we’re suggesting they contact their lenders to get their mortgage payments deferred or see what they are willing to do to help them. Local officials have been working with lending institutions on potentially delaying homeowners’ mortgage payments, with many banks currently agreeing to do so.

Tony Sena, Broker Owner, Shelter Realty Inc.,

During the emergency, property managers are expected to continue providing “reasonable maintenance,” whether a tenant is paying rent or not. However, Sisolak was quick to point out that landlords are people too and have their own bills to worry about and said that his directive does not absolve tenants of their financial responsibilities.

“You must still adhere to the terms of your contract with your landlord, property manager or lender,” he said. “You are encouraged to work with them to determine an appropriate resolution regarding any outstanding payments.”

Nevada Governor Steve Sisolak
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