After a car crashed into a utility pole, power was restored to Monsey residents.


Hundreds of Monsey residents had their power restored after a car incident involving a utility pole left them in the dark on Friday night.

What happened after the Car Crash?

The Monsey Fire Department reported that the single-car accident occurred on Route 59 near Robert Pitt Drive. The Spring Hill Ambulance Corps also responded to the incident. According to the Monsey Fire Department, the telephone pole was impacted, splitting and collapsing. The pole housed three transformers, two of which began to seep fluid across the road. The fire department stated that the fluid caught fire. According to News 12, the driver was taken to a nearby hospital, but their status was unknown as of Friday night. No other injuries were reported. The cleanup was already underway as of Friday night. Orange and Rockland County crews were on the scene to reset the pole. It was not immediately clear when the cleanup would be complete. Drivers were still being warned to avoid the area as of Friday night.

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