Kanye West’s ‘New Body’ Snubbed by Nicki Minaj in Latest Album


Kanye West’s most recent endeavor, titled Vultures, has elicited significant anticipation and dissatisfaction in equal proportions.

In the ever-changing environment of the music business, it’s frequent to witness collaborations, changes in schedules, and unexpected occurrences. The industry regularly experiences shifts due to the dynamic nature of partnerships, evolving timelines, and unanticipated events.

The drama escalated when West publicly reached out to Nicki Minaj, attempting to secure her verse from the 2018 shelved track New Body for inclusion in Vultures.

However, Minaj swiftly declined during an Instagram live stream, citing a refusal to rehash an aged track, especially after dropping her recent album, Pink Friday 2, on December 8.

This refusal contributes further to the increasing levels of excitement and disappointment surrounding Vultures. The album was originally scheduled for launch on December 15 but did not come to fruition as planned, adding to the heightened sense of anticipation and frustration among the audience.

Kanye’s Delayed Album Releases

kanye-west's-new body-snubbed-by-nicki-minaj-in-latest-album
Kanye West’s most recent endeavor, titled Vultures, has elicited significant anticipation and dissatisfaction in equal proportions.

Kanye’s history of delayed album releases, from Donda to God’s Country, has left fans disillusioned. The recent delay sparked outrage, intensified by technical glitches during a Las Vegas listening party. 

Fans, eagerly awaiting the album, were met with interruptions and rumors of police intervention over permit issues, adding fuel to the fire of disappointment.

Despite West’s musical legacy, notably with albums like My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy, known for its groundbreaking sound and creativity, the ongoing delays have led to widespread skepticism and trending hashtags on social media platforms, notably #Kanye on Twitter. 

Criticisms of his recent livestream malfunction likened to making a beat on his iPhone keyboard, have further contributed to the dismay among fans.

Moreover, Kanye’s return to music with Vultures is overshadowed by his tumultuous past year, marked by controversies and anti-Semitic remarks. This backdrop amplifies the frustration and impatience among fans eagerly awaiting his new music.

As the world waits in anticipation, Kanye West’s Vultures remains an enigma, leaving fans wondering when or if they’ll ever get to experience the highly anticipated collaborative album.

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