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Top 7 Safest Places In Atlanta


In the center of Georgia, Atlanta is a thriving metropolis with a variety of districts that are renowned for their peace and safety. 

For those seeking a secure haven in this metropolitan area, here are the top seven safest places in Atlanta.

Druid Hills


Nestled in the northeast part of Atlanta, Druid Hills stands out for its serene atmosphere and low crime rates. This neighborhood boasts beautiful homes, tree-lined streets, and proximity to prestigious educational institutions like Emory University.


Recognized for its upscale vibe and luxury living, Buckhead ranks among Atlanta’s safest areas. With its thriving commercial centers, high-end shopping districts, and affluent residential communities, it maintains a reputation for safety and security.

Virginia Highland


This charming neighborhood combines a lively atmosphere with a strong sense of community. Known for its eclectic shops, trendy restaurants, and beautiful parks, Virginia Highland offers a safe and welcoming environment for residents and visitors alike.


Just east of Atlanta, Decatur exudes a small-town feel with a low crime rate. Its pedestrian-friendly streets, diverse culinary scene, and cultural attractions make it a sought-after spot for families and young professionals seeking safety and a vibrant community.

Sandy Springs 


Located north of Atlanta, Sandy Springs boasts a suburban setting with a range of housing options and excellent schools. The area’s proactive approach to safety, ample green spaces, and recreational facilities contribute to its reputation as one of Atlanta’s safest neighborhoods.

Morningside-Lenox Park

This picturesque neighborhood offers a blend of historic charm and modern amenities. With its well-maintained parks, top-rated schools, and low crime rates, Morningside-Lenox Park provides a safe and family-friendly environment.



Featuring a mix of residential neighborhoods and commercial areas, Brookhaven is known for its safety, strong sense of community, and diverse population. Its proactive community policing and various recreational offerings contribute to its reputation as a secure area.

While Atlanta is a diverse city with numerous neighborhoods, these seven areas stand out for their safety, community engagement, and overall quality of life, making them ideal choices for individuals and families seeking a secure place to call home.

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