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Yuengling Beer Brand Sponsors Venue Hosting Family Friendly Drag Queen Show Sparking Outrage

Per the Post Millennium, Yuengling reportedly sponsored a venue hosting a drag show for all ages in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania to celebrate Pride month. File photo: George Sheldon, Shutter Stock, licensed.

POTTSVILLE, PA – Once again, either clueless, ignorant, deviant, or radical LGBTQ cultist supporters planned to host an adult drag show and invite children. Well, after sane and sensible citizens spoke up, the age of attendance was changed. There ya have it – decent people peacefully protecting kids.  

On June 16th, beer brand Yuengling tweeted a response to the drag queen controversy, indicating that the attendance for the adult drag queen show on June 30th show is now restricted to 18+. 

Per the Post Millennium, Yuengling reportedly sponsored a venue hosting a drag show for all ages in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania to celebrate Pride month.

“Need your drag fix before our iconic Musikfest Drag Show?” the festival’s Facebook page wrote on June 12th. “Well, the queens return to Musikfest Cafe pres. by Yuengling on June 30th!”  

“Draggin’ with the Divas is a drag show featuring music performed by some of our favorite Queens covering Queens. Hosted by Elektra Fearce St. James,” the event’s page states. 

The Musikfest Cafe is located in the SteelStacks, said to be “a 10-acre campus dedicated to arts, culture, family events, community celebrations, education and fun,” as reported by Blaze News. 

On his commentary podcast, journalist Tim Pool highlighted that the show allowed babies to attend. In a Twitter post, Pool highlighted the portion that says “including babies in arms.” Later, MusikFest deleted their Babies Allowed Drag Show tweet sponsored by @yuenglingbeer. Read the responses from Pool’s followers and fans.  

Specifically, the ticket promo said, “All persons entering a venue, including babies in arms, must have a ticket. Each ticket will allow one admittance. If a ticket holder leaves the venue, for any reason, re-admittance will not be allowed. Attendance of children under 2 years of age may not be recommended for some performances.” 

Apparently, an organization called ArtsQuest scheduled the so-called family-friendly drag queen show. And Yuengling had supported other ArtsQuest events in the past.  However, there are no recent social media posts by Yuengling promoting any of the current drag queen shows.  

It’s still muddy as to Yuengling’s part on the drag queen entertainment venue which would have included allowing children to watch as heterosexual, homosexual, bisexual, and/or transsexual males dressed in outlandish costumes mock bio females in hypersexualized performances. 

Yuengling responded: 

Yuengling actively promotes responsible drinking for patrons 21 years of age and older. We are working to align with ArtsQuest regarding appropriate age restrictions for venues associated with our sponsorship. We support their decision to restrict attendance to 18+ for the June 30th show. For more information, contact [email protected].” 

According to an April article in Blaze News, Yuengling tweeted a simple message with a photograph of the U.S. flag and a bottle of its beer during the Anheuser-Busch controversy with transgender TikTok activist Dylan Mulvaney’s partnership with Bud Light. 

“The Yuengling Brewery made headlines in 2016 when its owner, Richard Yuengling Jr., publicly endorsed then-candidate Donald Trump for president. Some on the left were outraged at his endorsement, and the controversy led to some gay bars banning Yuengling from being served,” the article continued. 

Hmmm. Folks, is Yuengling playing both sides of the woke culture war? Pick a side or slide into the woke wasteland. Putting profit over children is not faring well for beer and liquor companies.  

In October 2022, Musikfest hosted a “Dragtoberfest” that was allegedly presented by Jack Daniels. The post made by the Musikfest Facebook read: “The queens are taking the stage tomorrow night, 10/1, in Dragtoberfest presented by Jack Daniels at Oktoberfest presented Lehigh Valley International Airport.” 

Kudos to Tim Pool, ethical media sources, and the responsible citizens that are standing up to protect children from the indoctrination, grooming, and sexualization of predatory drag queens and woke beer companies. 

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