Reports on Gay Marriage Issue Referring to States “Turning Back the Clock” and “Major Step Backward” Are Misleading and Political

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In the opinion of this writer, Gay Marriage is not a matter of constitutional rights and enforcement and may not be equated with race and sex discrimination issues on the federal level. File photo: Pixabay

BAYSIDE, NY – The State of Tennessee is attempting to ban gay marriage in the State. The US Supreme Court endorsed gay marriage into law and it should be obeyed. However, I say this: I am of the opinion that it could be argued legally that marriage is a “state” concern and not a “constitutional right” based on equal protection and due process. The State issues marriage licenses and governs divorces. It is possible that this is not a matter of constitutional rights and enforcement and may not be equated with race and sex discrimination issues.

Two reports on this issue refer to and use the term “turning back the clock” and “a major step backward.” These terms are misleading and political. First, the judgment that past views and values are backward and turning back the clock is working on the assumption that past or prior positions are backward because they are older views and older views are by definition – incorrect.

Many religious bodies, including the Roman Catholic Church, Islam, the Orthodox Jewish community, most Orthodox Church bodies, and conservative protestant churches, reject gay marriage as an option. Additionally, many individuals oppose gay marriage and there is significant Biblical authority on this issue.

To use the terms ‘backward’ and ‘turning back the clock’ ignores the possible theological, historical, and legal validity of the position of the state of Tennessee on this issue. Better put, we stand on the shoulders of the past, which we reject at our peril.

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In a related issue, according to the Washington Post, a Catholic School in Kansas is refusing to admit a same-sex couple’s kindergarten-aged child. The congregants in a letter stated the decision lacks the compassion and mercy of Christ’s message.

Again, this thinking is faulty. For 2,000 years, this ancient church has taken this position. One need only consult the Catholic catechism which, whether you agree with it or not, refers to this behavior pattern as a disorder, and also says that our gay brothers and sisters must be treated with love and compassion. Jesus died for all of us to rescue us from our sins. Sin is a reality that can be eradicated only by the sacrifice and blood of Christ.

Let me add most emphatically that I firmly take the view that there should be no discrimination or hostility directed to the gay or LGBTQ community and that all people are entitled to love and compassion.

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