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Moses Levy, a New York merchant once owned what is now Winter Springs, along with thousands of acres, before the United States acquired Florida from Spain in 1821. Frank and John Gees persuaded territorial governor Richard Call to give them part of the Moses Levy Grant along with Lake Jessup. This is the origin of the lovely city of Winter Spring which offers an unequaled quality of life to its multicultural residents. Fewer than 600 people lived in the area when it was incorporated as North Orlando in 1959. Now Winter Springs is home to over thirty-six thousand people and is one of the largest cities of Seminole County at nearly fifteen square miles.

Winter Springs is a city on the rise and has been growing in a planned and structured manner with new residential and commercial developments. It has major employment centers, such as the University of Central Florida and Heathrow International Business Center. This makes it an ideal bedroom community as it offers a high quality of life with excellent civic amenities. The city is just thirty minutes from downtown Orlando. Winter Springs Town Center was designed as an elegant, up-scale downtown center. It displays beautiful fountains, benches, and squares. Especially well-known are the famous Magnolia Square fountain and plaza located just off of the town center.

Beautiful gated communities offer single-family homes and condominiums. Winter Springs is a city of many lakes that offer exciting sports for water enthusiasts. They include Lake Maria, Lake Talmo, Boat Lake, and Gee Hammock. Parks and golf courses are popular with people of all ages. Central Winds Park is a 58-acre preserve on the shores of Lake Jessup and is one of the many parks that dot the neighborhood. The prestigious Tuscawilla Country Club offers challenging golf.

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Churches of all denominations offer the multiracial citizens a chance to pray and work for the community. The Winter Springs Recreation Department offers classes for various hobbies including salsa and ballroom dancing. The Winter Springs Civic Center and the Winter Springs Senior Center also provide day-long activities for all ages.

Dining out at Winter Springs offers a large choice of cuisine, ranging from pizzas and steak to Italian and home cooking. CiCi is famous for high-quality pizza and its deliciously fresh salads with garden-fresh vegetables to choose from. Round off your meal with their freshly made desserts like warm cinnamon rolls.

Ruth’s Chris Steak House features original works of art and a rich European style décor of Italian tiles, chandeliers with alabaster globes, and Grecian key hardware. The mahogany crown moldings and wine displays add to the warmth. The steaks of course are memorable.

Lacomka Bakery and Deli offers five-layered honey cakes, meringues, and fantasy pastries. Sandwiches from freshly baked bread, deli salads, and luscious baked goods are perfect for a quick meal. Do not miss a baked-to-order hachapuri, a traditional Georgian individual bread stuffed with cheese and topped with an egg.

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