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Williston is in the thick of Florida’s main shank and is blessed with abundant water, thick vegetation, and the sub-tropical comfort for which the State is so well known and loved. The people are equally warm and inviting, and show conventional society in a pleasant light. It is difficult to find fault with Williston, and first-time visitors inevitably form great impressions of this beautiful city.

Though some two thousand seven hundred people live in Williston, the most celebrated member of the community is the University of Florida. The 200 hundred thousand strong alumni of this premier institution live and work in all 50 states of the country and over 100 other nations as well. It has produced more leaders of the American Bar Association than any other US law school and is involved in diverse pioneering projects including astronomy and diabetes control.

Williston is a good example of Florida’s balanced and visionary industrial development, with a balance of manufacturing, distribution, and services. A municipal airport supports an extensive surface transport network, to service units in a 2 thousand acre industrial park. Affordable housing, comprehensive professional services, and quality primary education of the best US standards encourage top professionals to prefer Williston for their family lives and their careers as well.

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Williston, as with much of the rest of Florida, continues strong traditions of farm production. Peanuts are a key crop in the area, so the city has an annual festival honoring the humble oilseed. Community activity marks the quintessential Florida lifestyle, and Williston chips in with an active agenda of events throughout the year. The Christmas season is especially vibrant in this respect, with the entire city becoming a twinkling winter wonderland after dusk.

Environmental conservation and living harmoniously with nature are essentials of the Florida character. Williston chips in with a selection of parks with thoughtful amenities for residents of all ages, and facilities to excel in any of the popular sports. Williston weekends are never boring with a plethora of scenic outdoor locations for refreshing leisure.

So you see, it does not matter from where you come. You may want to settle down forever or want a helicopter view over minutes. Your aims may be scholastic, commercial, or even none at all! Perhaps you crave an agrarian ambiance, while your family needs the conveniences of a big city. You may have tired of swimming and tennis, and want to try out some skydiving for a change! Williston will follow the Florida sunny template, welcome you with a smile and bewitch you for the rest of your life!

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