VIPedophilia: An Inquiry into Pedophilia and Human Trafficking


Robert David Steele is a former CIA spy and founder of the Marine Corps Intelligence Activity, the leader of the Open Source Intelligence movement, and the most published intelligence reformer in the English language. He is also the Chief Counsel of the Judicial Commission for International Tribunal for Natural Justice. Steele discusses a ‘shadow government’ where he explains that child sexual abuse and child sex trafficking is very real and is used around the world for “,” a form of pedophilia and child sexual abuse used by intelligence agencies against senior politicians, judiciary, lawyers and other people whom deep state groups might wish to sexually blackmail. Jeffrey Epstein, who was also suspected as being a part of the ‘intelligence community ‘flew elites around the world on the Lolita Express to lavish parties on a private island, which the locals dubbed “Orgy Island”. Epstein  was a compulsive pedophile who was convicted in 2008, given a cushy plea deal by use of deep state pressure. However, after this declared illegal in February 2019, he was rearrested in June 2019 and subsequently found dead of a “suicide” in prison.

Posted on 05/01/2020

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