RIDING THE DRAGON: The Biden’s Chinese Secrets (Full Documentary)


Recently released documentary film by Lightspeed Pictures in association with Blaze Media. Directed by M.A. Taylor, Featuring Peter Franz Schweizer, a writer and political consultant. Schweizer is the president of the Government Accountability Institute, senior editor-at-large of conservative media organization Breitbart News, and a former William J. Casey Research Fellow at Stanford University’s Hoover Institution. This timely and interesting documentary details the many out of the ordinary and lucrative business dealings between China, the Ukraine and then Vice President Joe Biden’s son Hunter Biden. Also mentioned are James Biden, Frank Biden, and Valeria Biden. The film goes into meticulous depth including  Hunter Biden’s interests and investments involving Rosemont Seneca Advisors, LLC, Rosemont Realty, Burisma Holdings Limited, Gemini Investments Limited, Bohia Harvest RST, Henniges Automotive, China General Nuclear, Face++ and other companies. It also shares details about his business partner, Devon Archer, and investments in a company called Burnham Asset Management, Kirin Global Enterprises Limited, and Harvest Global Investments. It’s own description describes it as Uncover the secret world of Joe Biden and his family’s relationship to China and the sinister business deals that enriched them at America’s expense.

Posted on 10/18/2020

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