CIA Officer Discusses Planting Disinformation in Major Media Outlets (1983)


Former CIA officer Frank Snepp exclaims how he, on behalf of the CIA, targeted respected journalists who had large followings in major media networks including newspapers, in order to attempt to get them to publish and print propaganda during the Vietnam war times in 1975. Snepp details how the CIA would use these respected journalists to ‘plant disinformation’ and slip pieces of falsehoods into tips to media which in many cases would be used as journalists would believe they were receiving exclusive information from the agency. Snepp was directed to socialize with the journalists and “cultivate them” and/or gain their confidence. The CIA would carefully use pieces of information that could not easily be checked out or verified. The interview was first filmed in 1983 but has recently went viral through social media. Edward Snowden, a former computer intelligence consultant who leaked classified information from the National Security Agency in 2013, shared the clip saying “The most important video of the year was filmed in 1983”

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