America Under Siege, Then and Now

Twenty-five years after a tragic car accident sparked the Crown Heights riots three days of turmoil pitted angry Hasidic Jews against outraged African-American and Caribbean residents. Photo credit: David Burns, Associated Press, New York

America Is Going To The Dogs

It's almost incredible that this violent, national uprising, where there is no regard for officially pronounced curfews, has spawned the call for police departments all over the country to be either dissolved or defunded. Photo credit:

The Mind Of A Migrant

While trying to illustrate why the children of immigrant parents are American, the author unwittingly foils her own corroboration. This is a review of a children’s propagandist library book. CLEVELAND, OH – Our American Dream,

Is Racism a Two-Way Street?

 Protesters march against police shootings and racism during a rally in Washington, DC. Let's look at some of the facts regarding the cry of “police racism”. Do the facts back up this cry? Photo credit: Rena Schild /,