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Professional city planning can produce urban centers with attractive standards of living, blending metro convenience with agrarian expansiveness. Wilton Manors, a two square mile patch between two branches of the Middle River in Broward County of Florida, is a good example of how planned development can be better than construction and land development without much advance thought. Fort Lauderdale is a famous neighbor of Wilton Manors, and the Atlantic Ocean is never far away. Pioneering developers seem to have chosen an outstanding location for building a planned city such as this one.

Visionary planning has gone into the design of Wilton Manors. Residence, commerce, culture, and outdoor recreation blend harmoniously into each neighborhood. Commuting is rarely required and getting around is quick and easy. Ordinary citizens can lead to wholesome and secure lives, with even children and senior citizens feeling empowered to enjoy themselves and act as valuable members of the community.

The Main Street District is the showpiece of the city. It recreates the village square ambiance in an enthralling urban context. The shops, dining, and entertainment amenities blend perfectly with the pedestrian-friendly traffic rules. Public Art has a prominent place in this district, which displays the cultural wealth for which Florida is so well known.

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The city of Wilton Manors has 11 parks that use the city’s riverfront to its best advantage. They are all neat and pleasant stretches where people can picnic, enjoy a variety of sports and generally relax amidst calm water bodies and refreshing vegetation. A reserve of mangroves gives Wilton Manors a touch that is unique to Florida amongst most US States. The civic department that looks after these patches of greenery in the city also arranges a host of community activities throughout the year for people of all age groups. The residents of Wilton Manors can look forward to vibrant social lives with many opportunities for learning and self-development. The city also has a full-featured library, with the latest amenities to match its peers in the County. This library has been recently upgraded and expanded as well.

People of all races live and work in the city without discrimination or bias. Schools are temples of diversity. The city celebrates homosexuality, and gays can enjoy every opportunity and privilege to express themselves. Wilton Manors scores over many older US cities in this respect. One can expect the city to rapidly climb to the very top of its category in the country shortly.

Wilton Manors is still growing and it invites newcomers to share in a great experience in 21st-century urban living. Young professionals and people approaching retirement are welcome in equal measure, and everyone will find the environment conducive in Wilton Manors for achieving their ambitions and goals. The local Business Association is always willing to extend a friendly and helpful hand to entrepreneurs who would like to invest in this growing and forward-looking community.

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