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Located in the beautiful Palm Beach County in Florida is Wellington, which began much like so many other locations in Florida, as swampland. Purchased by C. Oliver Wellington in the 1950’s Wellington finally became a reality in the early 70s as a planned unit development and remained an unincorporated community with only a few shopping centers until the mid-’90s. Since then it has become the home of many notable figures and celebrities, and the home of many tourist attractions.

Wellington is located at the edge of the Everglades, giving the sprawling community a lush abundance of green landscape. Long known as an equestrian community, Wellington is proudly the home of the world’s famous National Horse Show. It has also become the home of many Palm Beach businessmen, leaders, and professionals as well as celebrities ranging from Vanilla Ice to Tommy Lee Jones. With the many beautiful suburban communities with incredible homes, impeccable golf courses, an exclusive community of hidden mansions, and features as amazing as a runway for private airplane owners. As unique and fabulous as all that is Wellington is home to much more!

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Also home to exciting attractions such as the Famous Lion Country Safari, one of the oldest attractions Wellington offers, you can take a safari with over 800 animals and spend time with the family at the amusement park. Perhaps it’s the South Florida Fair and Exposition in January that brings that feeling of anticipation and excitement. Or even the annual Top Gun model aircraft competition. If it’s the fun of heart that you seek Wellington certainly has it to offer.

For those seeking a more serious side to Wellington, take a tour of the live theaters, classical concerts, opera, and ballet that Palm Beach County has to offer. There are many of the finest professional cultural productions found in Southern Florida all readily available and convenient to Wellington. Touring the many museums and beautiful lush gardens offered around the area is a wonderful way to spend a day in relaxation and discovery.

No matter if you have chosen Wellington as a place to call home or as one of your top vacation destinations there is no denying it has much to offer. From the amazing landscape, nature has lent Wellington, to the rich culture that has made it the inspiring community it is today.

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