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Hernando County is amongst the most unspoiled and original places in all of Florida. Large tracts stand virtually untouched by any form of modern development. Indeed, this is integral to the charm of the ‘Nature Coast’, for we can have a good idea of how the State must have been in the days of the Aleutian Indians.

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Hernando County has only one incorporated city, which is Brooksville. As of June 9th, 2020, Weeki Wachee is no longer a city. It is now become part of the unincorporated Hernando County, which will now absorb the city’s assets and liabilities.

Size is not everything when it comes to Florida’s exquisite set of urban gems, and Weeki Wachee is a good example of this principle. The location has a splendid ambiance for a vacation, with several outstanding recreation options. Walt Disney’s famous theme parks are nearby, which is a bonus for families on holiday here.

Vicinity of Weeki Wachee

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One of Weeki Wachee’s top assets: the unique spring water park has been a much-loved Mermaid show for years. It has run up major losses but encouraged by the revival of places such as Cypress Park, the local population has started valiant efforts to breathe new life into the live Mermaids attraction. Only time can tell for sure, whether the turnaround can be successful.

The Weeki Wachee preserve is on more solid ground, for who can argue with 6 thousand acres of pristine forest in this day and age? The preserve is a naturalist’s delight; children should never be denied an enchanting sojourn in the midst of the splendid array of wildlife and vegetation. Weeki Wachee is tantalizingly close to both the Atlantic and splendid inland water bodies, so it is also a dream place for anglers and everyone who cares for water sports.

Tampa is less than an hour’s drive from this location, so those who thrive on bright lights and spirited liquid nourishment after dark need have no fears about spending quality time in the bosom of nature at Weeki Wachee. The inviting climate with friendly winds from the ocean brooks no complaints either. Thundershowers are to be feared in most of Florida, but they are relatively gentle and transient in this favored spot. Brooksville has an airport, apart from the Tampa international airport, so getting in and out of Weeki Wachee is a cinch.

Weeki Wachee is a bewitching place, which turns the most casual visitors into regular and ardent followers. Even folk who have frequent opportunities to travel to top vacation spots around the world, commonly opine that Weeki Wachee has a special place in their hearts. It transports you back in time to the days of your ancestors and shows you the bounties of nature in the most endearing light. The natural charms and salubrious climate of this rustic American heritage is something that won’t be going out of style for a long time to come.

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