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Temple Terrace, Florida

Temple Terrace, Florida

Temple Terrace is determined to complete the dream of it founding fathers. It is a city in north-central Hillsborough County and was named for hybrid temple oranges and the surrounding terraced terrain.

The Temple Terrace town light house at Temple Terrace, FL.
The Temple Terrace town lighthouse at Temple Terrace, FL. File photo: Feng Cheng, Shutter Stock, licensed.

About The Community

The famous Potter Palmer family of Chicago bought the land that is now Temple Terrace in 1911 as a portion of their 6,000-acre winter hunting preserve. The family sold its holdings to in 1918, to developers who formed two development corporations, Temple Terrace Estates, Inc., who developed the golf course and residential areas and Temple Terraces, Inc., who developed 5,000 acres of orange groves. The City was surrounded by what was the largest orange grove in the world in 1922.


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A beautiful park which includes serene landscape, boardwalk, cypress trees, river, and the Spanish history plaque, July 18, 2019. File photo: Linda White Wolf, Shutter Stock, licensed.

The original plan was to build a golf course community for the wealthy elite of the North. The concept was quite unique and each home was meant to be a winter villa with a surrounding citrus grove tract. This was a good way to occupy their time, when they were not playing golf, and provide extra income. The architecture of the community was designed in the Mediterranean Revival theme and over eighty-five beautiful homes were created here.

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Temple Terrace was incorporated in 1925 and all went well for the first few years. During the roaring twenties, the golf club and a casino were the center of most social activities of the region. Many famous entertainers of the day performed there. The winter freeze of 1927-8 and the stock market crash of 1929 all but destroyed the city and the orange groves.

Vicinity of Temple Terrace

Nothing developed here for twenty years until after World War II. It grew again in the1960s and some surrounding area was annexed. Today Temple Terrace has an estimated population of 26,500. The residents are determined now to fulfill the original dream for the city and plans are underway for a complete restoration of the downtown area.

Temple Terrace
Temple Terrace in Hillsborough County, Florida, The Historical Marker. File photo: Linda White Wolf, Shutter Stock, licensed.

Temple Terrace is strategically situated between three major interstates— I-4, I-75, and I-275. The convenient location and natural beauty of the area makes Temple Terrace an attractive destination to residents and businesses alike. It is conveniently located to not only the Tampa and St. Petersburg area, but is also within a short driving distance to Orlando and the Sarasota beach areas. City residents are fortunate to have access to the area’s finest medical facilities, cultural activities, sporting events, shopping, and entertainment attractions.

Adventure Island
Adventure Island, Tampa’s largest water park, is just five minutes west. File photo: Khairil Azhar Junos, Shutter Stock, licensed.

The Temple Terrace Golf and Country Club was designed and built in 1921-1922 by renowned golf architect Tom Bendelow. This scenic golf course, with narrow fairways, traps strategically positioned has large, mature trees lining most of the fairways. The original clubhouse building now belongs to Florida College and is used as a dormitory. The course was also the site of another notable historic event. One night in 1939, noted Evangelist Billy Graham decided upon his career while meditating on the eighteenth green. He was attending what was then known as Florida Bible Institute and is now Florida College.

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