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Orlando is for the young at heart! You can fulfill every dream or fantasy that you have ever had at this wonderful, magical place! Whatever your taste in sport, entertainment, or food, Orlando has it all! The perfect vacation for all ages, this world-class destination offers so much that every member of your group will find his level and choice of fun. The best part is that everything you want to experience is available in controlled conditions, so while your imagination can rocket sky high, you are always safe and rarely at risk.

Most people visit Orlando several times as once is never enough to enjoy what this magical city has to offer. If you really want to do it and see it all, you would need more than 65 eight-hour days; and in all likelihood by the time you have been there, done that something new and even more exciting will have been added to the scene! Spectacular landscapes, sunny weather, and well-oiled machinery add to the joy of an Orlando vacation. Even if you cannot travel all over the world, a visit to Orlando will pretty much give you a taste of the best that the world has to offer.

Experience the thrill of indoor skydiving or soaring over Central Florida in a glider, WWII fighter plane, and helicopter or hot air balloon. Drench yourself in fun and excitement as you splash and spin through unforgettable water rides at the area’s water parks and water ski parks. Thrilling roller coaster rides, fantasy islands, and other adventures await you. Animal lovers will see sea mammals and other animals to their heart’s content at Sea World or the zoos. There are numerous many unique indoor attractions, ranging from the weird and unusual to the historic and the spectacular.

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At the end of a day of fun, you can recharge your batteries at any of the nightspots in Orlando. From fine dining and supper shows to dancing until dawn, the choice is endless. Enjoy every type of cuisine at one of 5,000 restaurants in the city, ranging from those overlooking the city and lakes to trendy outdoor cafés and plantation homes.

Many of the attractions have a single ticket that lets you make the most of several shows or dining options within that group. Universal CityWalk offers dining, shopping, movie theatres, and five hot nightclubs with a single ticket. There is bound to be something of everyone’s taste and choice.

Head to downtown Orlando, as the locals would, to check out the pubs, sports bars, comedy clubs, martini bars, dance clubs, and sophisticated lounges. Shoppers are in danger of getting shopped out at the nine malls located throughout Orlando or at the antique districts and upscale boutiques. Souvenirs for friends at home from Orlando’s themed shopping villages will be a perfect choice. Orlando is a golfer’s paradise with 168 golf courses.

There are hotels of all prices here, ranging from exotic castles to African safari camps and turn-of-the-century beach resorts or golf resorts. Make the most of the local attractions like Discovery Cove, Gatorland, Orlando Science Center, and the Titanic. If you cannot see it all-you will just have to come again!

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