North Lauderdale, Florida

North Lauderdale, Florida

North Lauderdale was incorporated in 1963. It is a busy place, with a population of over 44,000 in an area of less than five square miles. It has over 10 major hotels, many outstanding dining places, varied entertainment and a number of places to visit in the vicinity. Pleasant weather for most of the year is an advantage that North Lauderdale shares with the rest of Florida.

About The Community

North Lauderdale boasts of the first Municipal Charter High School in the United States. The Fire Rescue Department has been recognized for its high standards. North Lauderdale’s crime rate is the lowest in Florida. The city administration has many other achievements to its credit, and displays the best conventional standards.

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North Lauderdale has a broad range of housing to cater to different needs. Families who need to be close to schools and shopping, others who want scenic and secluded surroundings and seniors who need assistance and professional care, can all find places in that meet their needs precisely and completely. The city offers everything from studios with not a stick of furniture to luxury apartments in to which you need bring in nothing. All this is maintained without disturbing the enabling zoning of North Lauderdale which gives it a resort-like feel, which is unusual for a busy city.

Vicinity of North Lauderdale

Additional Details

The Biscayne National Park, with over 170 thousand acres of mysterious mangroves and clear water for snorkeling and diving, and the Everglades National Park with terrifying alligators and crocodiles, are two of the musts for which North Lauderdale’s guests should set aside time. This is never easy, given that North Lauderdale itself has so much to see and to enjoy. Perhaps it just might be best to convert from visitor to resident, and spend many weekends savoring all the delights in and around North Lauderdale.

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