Holmes Beach Florida

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About The Community

Holmes Beach is considered one of the best places in Florida for a restful holiday. Holmes Beach was incorporated in 1950 and developers have built a delightful array of hotels and restaurants since then.

Delightful hotels are one of the best features of Holmes Beach. Most have direct access to the fine white sand, with gorgeous views of the Ocean. The hotels are small enough to make you feel special and the standards of housekeeping and hospitality are exceedingly high. The coastline of the Gulf is famous for stunning sunsets, and the beachfronts have views that leave you wishing that your vacation would never end! Rooms have all the modern conveniences that you could wish, and the breakfasts are legendary for both taste and for variety.

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Though Holmes Beach is charming in its solitude and sense of peace, there are endless lists of recreational activity available. You could easily reach the end of your vacation without sufficient time to enjoy all of them! Water sports are top draws, and kayaking is amongst the most loved by visitors. The waters off Holmes Beach are rich with dolphins, and the lovable creatures can provide vacationers with unforgettable experiences.

Vicinity of Holmes Beach

Additional Details

Holmes Beach is kind and understanding to those who like to laze around on a vacation. The beach stretches invitingly to the very horizon and the sun seems to be precise in how much radiation it gives off. Holmes Beach is a relatively small place, but vacationers can send endless hours strolling on the beach and exploring the quaint town on bicycles.

Sumptuous cuisine is an important ingredient of the best vacations, and Holmes Beach excels in this respect as well. Seafood is an obvious favorite. Holmes Beach has franchise outlets that serve fresh catch with excellent plating in a casual atmosphere. Barbecue, Italian and German fare are other culinary delights that will quickly add to your variety of dishes to try while you are there.

Holmes Beach is near Bradenton. The glamour of large cities is always close at hand in the unlikely event of you getting bored with the peace and quiet of Holmes Beach. Reasonably priced housing is available for vacationers who so fall for the charms of Holmes Beach, that they join the fortunate group of about four thousand people that reside here.

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