Hialeah Gardens, Florida

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You could mistake parts of Hialeah Gardens for an idyllic resort in a country such as Brazil, rather than the city in Miami Dade County of Florida, which it really is. Signs in Spanish and quaint family-owned stores provide a realistic Hispanic setting for this city just minutes from the Miami International Airport.

The area in and around Hialeah Gardens has traditionally been a horse-rearing country. The term Hialeah stands for ‘prairie’ in the native Indian tongue. European settlers used the pastoral landscape for stud farms. A small band of people decided to incorporate the town of Hialeah Gardens in 1948. Residents continued to raise horses here until the 1970s.


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Hispanic immigrants have discovered Hialeah Gardens of late, and have taken to the place with apparent delight. The city’s population is about twenty-two thousand people. Hialeah Gardens is a relatively small place by Florida standards, with an area of less than 4 square miles.

Vicinity of Hialeah Gardens

Additional Details

The city of Hialeah Gardens continues to have a positive outlook, and one can expect a bright future for the city. The city administration deserves praise for adhering to zoning rules and for generous provisions for new residential communities. The real estate market in Hialeah has several excellent offers, with outstanding value for money. Some properties take full advantage of the prairie-like expanse of Hialeah Gardens. The city has interesting business and vocational potential for entrepreneurs. Families can look forward to pleasing welcomes when they relocate here.

More than 100 acres of Hialeah Gardens comprise public recreation areas. There are as many as five swimming pools and three tennis centers. Milander Park has a football stadium and an auditorium for performances as well. Howard Johnson has a property in town for visitors. It offers modern amenities including the Internet, has a meeting room, and is a convenient watering hole near the Miami International Airport.

It must come as no surprise to know that Hialeah Gardens specializes in Spanish cuisine. The Cayo Esquivel offers delicious and fresh seafood at realistic prices. The service is very responsive and the restaurant has a relaxed and friendly atmosphere. The bar is always well-stocked, and diners always find the tab at the end of a meal to come as a pleasant surprise.

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