Hialeah Florida

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Hialeah in Florida is more like a well-oiled and precise clock than a mere city. It displays an amazing commitment to providing its residents with services that regularly meet the best standards. It runs with the kind of efficiency that would do a Fortune 500 company proud!

The business-like personality of Hialeah may be because it is of relatively recent origin: it was incorporated in the 1920s. Hialeah occupies some 24 square miles of Florida. It is home to almost 235 thousand residents.

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Hialeah boasts of the most professional civic services in Florida. The Fire Service in the city meets International Standards Organization specifications. The Police Department is known for its creative approach to law and order, and works closely with the people at large. The library is housed in an elegant building with beautiful surroundings: it offers a full range of services including free Internet access. The library has interesting programs virtually every month as well.

The Recreation and Community Services Department richly deserves the awards it has won. It is rare for a public body to achieve as much as one finds in Hialeah by way of athletics and cultural activities. It does not matter how old or young you are, Hialeah has something to occupy your leisure time enjoyably and productively.

Vicinity of Hialeah

Additional Details

Hialeah has superb faculties for people to swim and enjoy tennis. The calendar is always full with events that provide opportunities for the community to have fun together. There are also plenty of quiet spots and walks amongst scenic greenery where couples and senior citizens can enjoy each other’s company, and where individuals can simply relax.

Hialeah’s diligence in trying to improve the quality of life for its residents, reaches to all people. There are emergency shelters to help the homeless, while the Technology Center helps new enterprises and works to create new jobs. It also arranges financial help to start business through a non-profit organization known as Dade Development Incorporated.

Hialeah is a haven for students. It has a string of 18 elementary, four middle and two secondary public schools. The Miami Dade Community College leads higher and vocational educational opportunities.

Hialeah has an interesting model for healthcare as well. The University of Florida Dental Center is a unique joint sector project between the University, Government, and Industry. It provides state-of-the-art services at affordable rates for common citizens.

Though Hialeah excels in civic facilities, it is more widely known for horseracing. The Hialeah Park came up in 1925; it is a special gem in the city’s crown. It covers more than 200 acres and is an invaluable bird sanctuary. The Park has made a name for itself in the world of horseracing. It is also listed in the National Register of Historic Places. Tourists who come to enjoy the vast open expanse of Hialeah Park would do well to take a close look at how this city functions.

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