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Time seems to stand relatively still in the charming town of Hawthorne. Part of the scenic Lake Region in North Central Florida, Hawthorne is special because it preserves the rich heritage of Florida. The town is a microcosm of the State’s glorious past, having roots in a Grist Mill that was set up around 1840. Hawthorne is in the midst of generous bodies of water with attendant flora and fauna. Its agricultural origins soon branched in to recreation activity, as increasing numbers of people came here to hunt and to fish. Moore’s Hotel soon made a name for quality vacations and vast tables of the meat of game birds. Hawthorne continues to offer the best outdoor recreation to residents and visitors alike.

Many other places in Florida have forgotten their shared heritage; they are busy with the pace of modern life. Hawthorne stands apart with carefully preserved estates, houses that are architectural statements and a Main Street that is engagingly representative of an age gone by. This is still a town where children play on streets, where bicycles are numerous, and where family-owned stores stand firm against anonymous malls. Hawthorne is close enough to Gainesville to offer all modern amenities, thanks especially to the University of Florida and the Shands Healthcare Center. Yet it nests comfortably in an early 20th century ambience and holds many attractions for lovers of history and for children as well. The Historical Museum and Cultural Center gives a structured face to informal conservation efforts with which the intimate Hawthorne community has persisted with consistency. The Museum is in a heritage Church building that the locals have tended to with love and kept in pristine condition. The structure is as worthy of study by enthusiasts, as the venerated collection of artifacts that have been carefully assembled for visitors.


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Vicinity of Hawthorne

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The bountiful countryside around Hawthorne lends itself to quality recreation. A major feature is the Gainesville-Hawthorne trail that walkers, cyclists, roller-blade enthusiasts, and horse- riders share in contented companionship. It shows the area’s natural wealth in a great way. Gainesville residents and students from the University of Florida join the nearly seventeen hundred Hawthorne residents in spending quality leisure time on this trail.

Hawthorne is a vintage Florida town with a small and intimate community. It is faithful to the origins of modern life in Florida and a most delightful place to visit. No perspective of the State can be complete without at least a few days spent in the quiet and friendly environment of Hawthorne. The city is a suitable base for a series of day excursions in the surrounding Lake Region. A Hawthorne vacation guarantees effective relief from the choking pressures of 21st century life.

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