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The clean, fresh scented air of Groveland envelopes you wherever you go in this lovely little Lake County town. The City is nestled in the beautiful hills of South Lake County and its scenic beauty is enhanced by its two major lakes, Lake Audrey and Lake David.

Groveland was incorporated in 1922 and was originally named Taylorville for the Taylor brothers who were among the early settlers. In the early part of the twentieth century several Swedish people from Rockford, Illinois, purchased twenty thousand acres of land and formed the Groveland Development Corporation. Many Northerners, mostly Swedish Americans, bought farm tracts from them. Groveland Hotel saw a large number of prospective buyers in those days. The name of the community was changed from Taylorville to Groveland in 1912. An “opera house” featuring silent movies, became the first place of entertainment in the region.


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Today Groveland is a thriving and vibrant community with a very diverse population. Orange groves are still a significant contributor to the economy, though since the devastating freezes of the eighties citrus farming has been in a decline locally. In November 1994, Groveland elected its youngest Council Member and First Lady Mayor, Mrs. Doris Thompson, an important landmark. Another historical milestone was the election of its first African-American Mayor, James Smith, in November 2004.

Vicinity of Groveland

Additional Details

The 45 acres of Lake David Park is the venue of many of the community’s festivals and family activities. It is also a favorite picnic spot with facilities for boating water skiing and wakeboarding. Groveland considers itself the wakeboarding capital and there is a training center here. Lake David Park is also the site of several tournaments.

The City of Groveland hosts its annual Fourth of July celebration with a range of activities for the entire family. Enthusiastic locals participate in a hot dog eating contest and three-legged races. Other sports include a 3-on-3 basketball tourney, a volleyball competition, and a wakeboarding tournament at Lake David Park. Mr. and Miss Firecracker Pageant and a spectacular fireworks display mark the culmination of the program.

Like the other lakes in the county, Groveland lakes offer top-notch freshwater fishing throughout the year. Anglers can look forward to pulling in a variety of freshwater catches, including bass, blue bream, shell crackers, stripers, speckled perch, and catfish. Numerous churches including nine Baptist churches welcome the congregation to pray together. Children study at the well run local elementary and high schools. The local Marion Baysinger Memorial Library is excellently stocked and popular with locals and visitors alike.

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