Gretna Florida

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About the Community

Gretna is a small town in Gadsden County that is a part of the Tallahassee metro area. Occupying an area of 9 square miles, this town is home to about one thousand people. Throughout the nineties, there was a fall in the population of about nineteen percent but now this drop is less than one percent.

Gretna has a new chief of police Brian Alexander. The new chief of police has plans for turning the department around and getting the community and the law enforcement officers to work together to improve the law and order situation of Gretna. He is determined to make a concerted effort to bring the crime rate down and make it a safe place to live. High on his priority is listening to the community’s concerns and keeping lines of communication open with the youth. The city has set an example for others to follow concerning improving law and order.

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Vicinity of Gretna

Additional Details

Unlike most of Florida, Gretna does not have rich soil, but mining is a major occupation. In fact, the community was originally called Gritney, because it was so sandy. Gretna Industrial is located on SR 12, 1.5 miles north of Interstate-10, and is slowly being occupied by industries. This 100-acre site has all the utilities and infrastructure in place such as well-planned and developed roads, pavements, lighting, and water supply as well as rail availability.

There are numerous churches in Gretna of all major denominations like the Methodist Church, Apostolic Church, and four different Baptist Churches, including Mount Zion Church and Saint Paul’s Church. Many community activities are centered on them. The children go to the local Elementary School on Martin Luther King Boulevard. Higher education is available in Quincy and Tallahassee.

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