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Graceville in Jackson County in the panhandle of Florida is a friendly little place with a strong feeling of community. It is located within thirty minutes of Dothan, Alabama and one hour from Panama City, Florida. Named for one of its original settlers, Captain Grace, it has remained a largely rural agricultural community. Over the past few years, the population of Graceville has been hovering around 2400 people.

One of the highlights of life in the city is the annual Graceville harvest festival. The annual parade, car show, arts and crafts and family entertainment brings the entire community out to watch and participate in the merriment. A similar festival is held in autumn. Brown Street in downtown Graceville plays host to these parades. The pace of life is relaxed and the cost of living reasonable. A supportive community also makes living in Graceville easy.

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Vicinity of Graceville

Additional Details

The city was incorporated more than a hundred years ago and some of the early historic structures remain until today in the downtown area. Even the pavements are historic and have been laid in the era when horse drawn carriages brought elegant women shopping to the town. Despite its small size and limited number of shops, Graceville offers a wide variety of shopping and dining options. It ranges from the simplest and most modest articles to unique antiques. Similarly, meals can range from a snack to fine dining all in the same area. Several antique stores, craft, and gift shops line the streets along with other more mundane stores. A large outlet mall is also located in Graceville and offers great bargains.

There are churches of several different denominations in Graceville where the congregation gathers to pray. The excellent elementary and high schools look after the basic educational needs of the children of the area. Graceville is extremely proud of its well known Baptist College of Florida. The college has its origins in the Baptist Bible Institute that was established in 1943. The Institute had been started in order to provide Bible and general education to people who had joined the church and had decided to serve God but had not completed their college education. As the scope of the education grew it was renamed Baptist College of Florida. It has been a part of the Graceville Community since 1953. The college is spreading through international study opportunities, distance learning sites, internet delivery systems and many other innovative methods.

Across the road from the college is the community owned Campbellton-Graceville Hospital. It is a rural acute care hospital that offers services for acute care, Hospice care, and maternity service. Operation theaters are well utilized for all sorts of surgery. A number of OPD services for diagnostic and wellness check ups are available at the center. The hospital is dedicated to provide quality health care, and assist in the education of health and wellness to all area citizens.

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