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The commercial Gatorade ran, ‘Anything you can do I can do better’ certainly applies to Gainesville, the beautiful North Central Florida city where Dr. Cade brewed the first batch of that popular sports drink. One loses track of the numerous awards won by this city in Alachua County but two significant citations rank it among the top ten cities in the US for outdoor activities and also one of the best places to reinvent your life.

The largest city and county seat of Alachua, Gainesville is home to 269 thousand diverse people and serves as the cultural, educational, and commercial center for the region. Florida’s largest and oldest university is located here and its presence has added the flavor of youth and casualness to the city. There are excellent schools and medical facilities as well as churches of all denominations. Nature lovers cherish a 280-acre wildlife sanctuary and a nature park within the city itself. The breathtaking landscape with numerous lakes and urban forests add to Gainesville’s beauty as much as the well-preserved historic buildings.

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The advantages of living in Gainesville are many; the hi-tech quality of life as well as the eco-friendly environment is unmatched in the state. It is ranked among the top thirty cities in the country considering factors like transportation, connected citizens, medical services, jobs, education, and energy. Housing is good and reasonable and there is good public transport. Unemployment rate is low and further, there is no state income tax. Children benefit not only from good schooling but also excellent after school recreation facilities.

The numerous city parks provide athletic fields, tennis and racquetball courts, swimming pools and biking and hiking trails. Ironwood Golf course is the first public course in Florida to receive the prestigious Audubon Sanctuary Certification. Bicycling and running are a way of life in Gainesville. Further residents also enjoy water sports including cave diving, fishing, swimming, scuba diving, canoeing and sailing in six freshwater lakes. It is equidistant from the Atlantic and the Gulf of Mexico. Discover Gainesville’s shopping, theaters, performing arts groups, concerts, museums, nightlife, and other fun opportunities. The city is host to a Spring Arts Festival every year.

Gainesville is home to the University of Florida, the largest university in the Sunshine State. Other good colleges include the Santa Fe Community College and City College. Shands Hospital at the University is a center for medical research and treatment and quality healthcare is readily available. The city center is the historic district with Florida old-fashion houses with broad porches. The Hippodrome State Theatre is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. Corinthian columns and the building’s enormous bronze doors lend a classic look to the surrounding square. It is the venue for foreign films, one-act comedies, and touring acts. The Florida Museum of Natural History is the largest collections-based natural history museum in the Southeast.

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