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Frostproof is just that – frost proof. This city in Polk County has never had a single frost. During the great freeze of 1896-1897 the entire area surrounding the city was severely damaged, except for the town, then known as Lake Mont, an appropriate name for a community situated at an elevation with lakes on either side. This prompted the dwellers to change the name from Lake Mont to Frostproof. Blessed with a moderate climate throughout the year, so essential for growing oranges, the city, nestling between two large, pristine lakes, is always green. Lush green oak and citrus trees, on the surrounding rolling hills accentuate the breathtaking beauty of the city.

A Gentle breeze off the lakes keeps it cool in the summer. In the winter, the solar heat captured by the lakes helps to warm the city during rare cold spells. No wonder Frostproof is a popular destination, fleeing the winter of the north, like migratory birds! The population in is around 3 thousand people. Charming lakeside homes, excellent weather, and innumerable activities and sports facilities add to the attraction. This 19 square mile city in Central Florida is surrounded by ten lakes, the important ones being Lake Wales, Sebring, and Clinch. The lakes and creeks in the area provide residents and visitors with excellent bass fishing, canoeing, and other water sports.


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Vicinity of Frostproof

Additional Details

Frostproof is one of the oldest settlements in Polk County. The part of the city on the north shore of Clinch Lake was originally known as Fort Clinch and was established during the Indian Wars of 1849-1858. The town council governs the city and a city manager is appointed by them to run the city. Frost proof is conveniently located to major retailers but is secluded from the bustle and noise of a big city. It features quiet residential tree lined streets fronting the lakes. Despite the rural charm, it is not far from the major attractions of the state. Just an hour away from the Atlantic Ocean to the east, the Gulf of Mexico to the west, Frostproof offers the best of both worlds.

Agriculture is the major occupation of the multicultural population, with citrus groves being the major contributor. The largest single employer is the citrus concentrate plant owned by Cargill and the fresh fruit packing house owned by Ben Hill Griffin, Inc. Hunting and fishing are other occupations while tourism is a major contributor to the economy.

Visitors will find plenty to do in this friendly little city with a small town, rural setting. Popular pastimes in the area include fishing, boating, swimming, skiing, racquetball, and shuffleboard. The near by U.S. Air Force’s Avon Park Gunnery and Bombing Range is a popular spot for camping and hunting. There is an interesting historical museum, an excellent state of the art library, as well as an art gallery, for those who prefer to pass their time with more intellectual activities. Frostproof is home to a number of churches and boasts of modern schools as well.

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