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It is not easy to stand out as a city on the Emerald Coast of Florida, but Fort Walton Beach achieves such a distinction with admirable spirit. The legendary natural beauty and spectacular beaches of this idyllic part Florida are so inviting that visitors and prospective residents have many attractive alternatives where they can enjoy dream vacations and live as well.

Fort Walton Beach is able to attract new visitors in droves. It converts significant proportions of first-time visitors in to loyal regulars and even to residents, though there is no shortage of beautiful competitors in the vicinity. Fort Walton Beach enjoys a position not just as a place with abundant tourist infrastructure, but also as a place with unusual attractions, which combine education and recreation values.

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The Gulfarium is one of the principal attractions of Fort Walton Beach. This marine park has entertained and educated visitors ever since it first opened its doors in 1955. Bottlenose dolphins are stars at this place, with a range of feats to keep crowds enthralled. Penguins, sea lions, and marine turtles are other rare forms of life about which tourists can learn in most pleasant manner.

The Emerald Coast Science Center contributes to the image of Fort Walton Beach as a place where learning can be fun. It has some of the most creative exhibits that can stir interest in physics without letting children feel stressed. Visitors can have hands-on experiences with some fundamental principles of science in a way that helps them understand basic concepts of science as a part of recreation.

Vicinity of Fort Walton Beach

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The Indian Temple Mound Museum has one of America’s best collections of tribal crafts. It also boasts of a major Indian mound that is over 600 years old. The museum is a glorious exposition of human civilization that covers thousands of years of social evolution. Thousands of artifacts are on display. A broad appreciation of Indian Arts is the least that a visitor can expect, and there is enough material to engage people of the most scholarly pursuits.

Full service hotels, properties on rent and a wide variety of dining options make sure that tourists are always comfortable and in good shape to make the most of their time in Fort Walton Beach. There are seasonal temptations for seafood lovers, with fresh catch from the Atlantic and skilled culinary styles. Juicy steaks with potatoes satisfy diners who may look for variety after a few seafood meals.

Mild weather and luscious scenery make Fort Walton Beach a golfer’s paradise. You cannot help but take to the game, even if you have not been an enthusiast before landing in Fort Walton Beach. Course fees are affordable and there are greens to suit every level of skill.

22 thousand people live in Fort Walton Beach. It is rated as one of the top places to live in the US. Though the local municipality was formed as late as in 1937, Fort Walton Beach has a rich history with an especially significant role in the Civil War. Its excellent infrastructure and weather mark it as a focus of exciting growth potential in the years ahead. Plan your next vacation at Fort Walton Beach in Florida, and it will surely rank as one of the best your family has ever had!

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