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The troops who first established Fort Meade in 1849, may not have known the full value of their constructed treasure. Fort Meade, one of the older cities in Polk County, came up because of the struggle against Seminole Indians. It has endured the last 150 years as a durable expression of contemporary civilization, taking active part in all milestone developments of the United States. Three hundred of its homes figure in the National Register of Historic Places, and Fort Meade finds a mention on its own as well in the distinguished list of the most important places in the evolution of our great nation. The Christ Church Episcopal still conducts services, and is the oldest Christian institution in the County. The Fort Meade Historic Museum has some of the most splendid exhibits to record the vibrant history of all Florida.

Fort Meade’s careful preservation of the glorious past does not overshadow either its present or its future. It is a modern and dynamic city with the best standards for 21st century urban community life. It boasts magnetic attractions for both young and old, and works hard to please casual visitors and dedicated residents alike. The city pays special attention to outdoor recreation facilities for the public. Nine major parks and many more small open spaces lend a special quality to life in Fort Meade. People can take leisurely strolls or enjoy any of the popular court and ball games. Fazzini Park, near SE 6th Street has grounds for hockey and soccer. Access is free and possible throughout the day and the year. Groups can hire sections for private functions. The Department of Leisure Services takes commendable interest in arranging a series of sports and social events to add to the pleasure of living in and visiting Fort Meade. There is an outdoor recreation area just outside Fort Meade; it covers more than 100 acres and hosts country music festivals every month.

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Vicinity of Fort Meade

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The Patterson Park covers more than 16 acres and has three decks for fishing. The Monument Park presides over the site of a famous battle with native Indians. It contains the remains of loyal fighters from both sides. The city administration has built a memorial at this park to all Americans who have lost their lives for the country. The Skate Park on N. Tecumseh Avenue has facilities for young people who would like to learn this enjoyable pastime. It also has runs that experienced and skilled skaters relish.

A star feature of Fort Meade is the mobile home communities that provide a new template for modern living. Complexes of this type in the city offer hygienic and secure environments for families and for individuals. Each mobile community is in a scenic location with easy access to shopping and to commuting networks. Central facilities are comprehensive, ranging from recreation places to sports facilities and even laundries. Designers have included golf in the list of amenities that mobile home communities offer. People who live in such set-ups tend to develop close and supportive relationships with one another. This novel mode of modern city living strikes an enjoyable contrast; it is something to which people in anonymous and cramped urban conditions can look forward. Fort Meade’s inspiring experience with mobile human communities has generated much interest, and other places would do well to copy this fine example.

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