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The extraordinary beauty of Fernandina Beach is breathtaking. People have always loved this old part of Florida, ever since human colonies first arrived about one thousand years ago. It remains a place with exciting commercial potential for entrepreneurs on the lookout for a base to start a new enterprise.

The endless charms of the twelve square miles that make up the town of Fernandina Beach, are more known as a dream vacation spot and a rich history, than for its undeniable and significant potential as a place to conduct business. The unusual mixing of the St. Mary’s and Amelia rivers with the Atlantic Ocean set the table for natural fare of stunning beauty. Birds are the most visible animal members of the Fernandina Beach community, though a vast range of other fauna thrive in the verdant surroundings.

Sun and sand of amazing beauty and gorgeous abundance, are the most popular attractants for rapidly growing numbers of visitors each year. Fernandina Beach fortunately has abundant choice with respect to good value accommodation. Such places make for a most relaxing vacations. The local population of around twelve thousand people play key roles in making visitors comfortable, with their generally friendly disposition and diligent attention to keeping the town clean, safe, and secure.

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Do not imagine that Fernandina Beach is entirely a quiet and isolated place, for it can be as exciting and active as the most energetic holidaymaker would like it to be. Fine dining and entertainment after dark await vacationers who may spend their days kayaking, swimming, playing on championship golf courses, and undertaking pelagic tours of the inviting waters offshore. Fernandina Beach is a good choice for a family vacation, because it caters to the contrasting leisure needs of people of all ages.

Fernandina Beach has a wonderful collection of Victorian architecture. People spend many hours pleasurably, strolling down streets that convey an intriguing picture of Florida as it was two hundred years ago. Many vacationers delight in shopping for rare souvenirs: elegant stores of great character are special attractions of this enchanting place. Native tribes called this place Napoyca. The French, Spanish, and English gave it names of their own, before the United States firmly established ownership over the coveted territory in the 1860s. The English name of Amelia has survived; it is still in use for the island of which Fernandina Beach is a part of.

Fernandina Beach is a place that casual tourists often become avid fans, returning here for many summers in succession. The natural beauty, rich history, and vast range of tourist attractions constitute an inventory that can absorb many days and trips without any hint of boredom. The panoramic scenery with a multitude of hues remains bright in memories and those who seek rest in the lap of nature never tire of spending time in Fernandina Beach.

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