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Edgewood is a quiet residential community determined to stay that way. This picturesque 1.51 sq mile town nestles between the shores of Lakes Conway, Gatlin, Jennie Jewel, Jessamine, and Mary-Jess, some of Central Florida’s most beautiful lakes. Edgewood is a lovely town in Orange County that is so conscious of the environment that efforts are constantly on to maintain the salubrious surroundings.

Edgewood was founded in 1924 on what was formerly agricultural land. Nineteen residents from the nearby town of Pine Castle decided to incorporate a new town in these beautiful surroundings. They probably chose the name Edgewood because of the location, a wooded area on the edge of Lake Conway. Beautiful homes of various architectural styles have been built on quiet streets. Many fine old oak trees grace these streets, dating from the early twentieth century, and add elegance and character to the neighborhood.

The town grew slowly, maintaining its peaceful atmosphere and scenic surroundings. The woods continue to thrive and in 1960, Edgewood has declared a bird sanctuary. At that time less than five hundred people were living in the city. The City Charter was submitted to the state in 1969 and today the city is run by the Mayor and the City Council. They work hard to maintain the pristine surroundings as they have been over the past decades.

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A town hall was built on property purchased on Larue Avenue in 1969. The population grew steadily during those years and in 1973, the town became the City of Edgewood. Currently near three thousand very content residents have made the City of Edgewood their home. The main avenue of Edgewood is South Orange Avenue and over three hundred thriving businesses are located here.

You can plan a leisurely vacation in the neighborhood. Enjoy the scenic beauty and the quiet environment of the woods and bird sanctuary of Edgewood. The small-town charm of a cozy bed and breakfast or a motel will be a welcome change from staying in a large city or a luxurious but impersonal hotel.

The local library, Orlando Public Library at Fort Gatlin is popular with the local community. The congregation prays at several nearby churches including the Delaney Street Baptist Church and the Church of God on Orange Avenue.

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