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Why does common sand in Destin look so precious? How does the water know that it has reached this spot of the Florida coast, and put on a tinge of green on its blue suit? Why is it that plants reserve their most brilliant hues for expression in this particular part of the County?

The climate, locales and city organization combine in amazing manner to provide dream holidays to Destin’s guests. It is not easy to find rational argument for how and why Destin is different from other beach resorts, whether in Florida or elsewhere, but the unique ambience is perceptible.

Destin is part of Florida’s Emerald Coast, and simply one of the most beautiful beach resorts in the state. The white sand and the distinct hues of the ocean make for such a refreshing vacation that many are tempted to spend all their time by the water and under the sun. The ocean is even more beautiful under its glistening surface. Snorkeling is an enchanting experience off Destin, and introduces divers to a whole new world in the shallow reaches of the ocean.

Fishing is a special experience in Destin, not just for the photogenic catch that anglers can expect, but also for the peace and tranquility of standing at the surf line or on a pier with nothing particular in mind. You may have encountered many dishes of mackerel, but none of them can measure up to the unique flavors and succulence of a simple grill of your own bounty wrested from the lapping waters of Destin.

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Golfers and beach lovers would also love to vacation together in Destin due to the scenery that many of the courses has to offer. Destin is an accomplished destination for a golfing holiday, and one can have a great time for a week and more with a glance at the sand and surf.

It is not as though Destin lacks steaks, veggies or even pizza, but you cannot get the oysters and 20 varieties of fish as fresh as in this resort, so it makes sense to keep the food balance table at home and gorge on exquisite seafood everyday of a Destin vacation. Live entertainment and restful views of the harbor add to the pleasure and elegance of fine dining in Destin. Such meals round off a day in the sun to perfection and make vacations all the more enjoyable.

A cruise in a glass-bottomed boat is an exciting Destin event for the entire family. Dolphins and pelagic birds call in strength and seem to enjoy the cruises as much as tourists and children. A trained guide points out the sights and provides details of the marine life on view, for those with inquisitive minds.

The Eden State Mansion is worth a visit for those interested in the architectural style of large estates in this part of the country. The Mansion is set in beautifully landscaped gardens that everyone can enjoy. An outing to this site, like the glass-bottomed cruise, is something to share with loved ones.

Destin has homes, condominiums and developed plots from which people can choose for permanent residence in this vacation paradise. Most properties come with the spectacular views that characterize all of Destin, and all of them have the advantage of appreciation due to the bright future prospects of the city.

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