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DeFuniak Springs, Florida

DeFuniak Springs, Florida

The town of DeFuniak Springs is evidence of the enormous influence railroads had on 19th century development. Surveyors had the ability to transform a countryside into entire towns. Companies could even name the urban centers that sprung up around their stations.

Scenic DeFuniak Springs FL train depot in western town. March 15, 2019. File photo: Felix Mizioznikov, Shutter Stock, licensed.

About The Community

The Louisville and Nashville Railroad was the reason for the establishment of the Seat of Walton County in Florida. DeFuniak was a manager in the Railroad. Surveyors liked the hillside that overlooks the water-body that is now called Lake DeFuniak, and decided to build a station at the spot.


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File photo: Felix Mizioznikov, Shutter Stock, licensed.
An aerial image of Lake Definiak, in Definiak Springs, Florida. File photo: Felix Mizioznikov, Shutter Stock, licensed.

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Lake DeFuniak is more than pleasing to the eye. It is entirely fed by a natural spring, and is the only one of its kind in the United States. Some of the best homes in DeFuniak Springs are built near the lake. The Christmas and New Year season is celebrated with a festival of lights in the Lake area. The town of DeFuniak Springs has an exclusive touch as well; the Florida Chautauqua Association was formed here. Residents of DeFuniak Springs have a tradition of supporting the Art and Culture, and the town strives to this day to promote aesthetic awareness. The Florida Chautauqua Orchestra often performs in the town’s Heritage Theater.

Vicinity of DeFuniak Springs

Additional Details

The people of DeFuniak express their attachment to primordial roots in more ways than lovingly preserving traditions. For example, the DeFuniak Springs Garden Club plays a leading role in spreading awareness of the vast natural wealth of Florida in diverse plant life. It also promotes the cause of organic farming. The Club arranges field trips to enjoy the floral wealth of Florida, and arranges talks on birding and related subjects. It meets every month from autumn until the next summer.

File photo: Romarti, Shutter Stock, licensed.
Exterior of a historic library in a small American town. The Walton-Defuniak Library, established in 1886, is in DeFuniak Springs, Florida. File photo: Romarti, Shutter Stock, licensed.

Though DeFuniak Springs has a population of around six thousand people, there are more than 30 Churches in the town. Baptist Parishes are most numerous though Presbyterian and other denominations are also represented. The strong spiritual presence adds to the attraction of the 19th century ambience in DeFuniak Springs. The town library is the oldest in Florida that still operates. It has an interesting collection of armor apart from invaluable manuscripts and books from the late 19th century.

Southebys Antiques Gallery DeFuniak Springs FL on March 15, 2019. File photo: Felix Mizioznikov, Shutter Stock, licensed.

Defuniak Springs is a place of choice in which to live, not just for its cultured and scenic surroundings, but also because it is just off Interstate 10. Tallahassee and Pensacola are very close from Defuniak Springs. The Crossroads Inn is the one of the best places for tourists to stay, because it is set amongst eight acres of the rich agricultural land that is typical of this area. The Inn is part of the Best Western group and conveniently sited just off Interstate 10. There is plenty of choices for long-term rentals, and a dynamic realty market as well in DeFuniak Springs. It is a particularly good location for people interested in classic Victorian architecture and in properties that are included in the National Register of Historic Places. Open plots in scenic surroundings are also available for development.

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