DeBary Florida

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DeBary with a population of almost 21 thousand people and an area of 25 square miles is one of youngest city in Volusia County. DeBary starts with the natural advantage of splendid location on the northern bank of the beautiful St. John’s River. Residents have joined hands with local authorities to underline their city’s attachment to environmental conservation. DeBary has an impressive number of trees, with grateful birds to go with the foliage and bark.

The Gemini Springs Park is one of 12 in DeBary, and says much about the spirit of this relatively new and ultra-modern town. 2 natural springs are at the heart of the Park that is spread over more than 200 acres. Residents can enjoy the rare pleasures of horse-back riding and canoeing, which is uncommon for any city in the world. Children love the many picnic spots that are offered in Gemini Springs Park. The Department in DeBary responsible for the Parks leaves no stone unturned to encourage outdoor activity by the people it serves. It conducts a weekly Social for Senior Citizens, runs a Youth Soccer League and organizes a series of events for the youth every summer.

Hard-nosed commercial acumen goes hand-in-hand with DeBary’s abiding commitment to the environment. The Economic Development Advisory Committee has adopted a thoroughly professional approach to marketing DeBary’s charms as a business destination. A special fund is available for entrepreneurs who establish new enterprises with jobs in DeBary. DeBary gives contracts for civic services to a large extent: this keeps fixed costs near the bone and gets residents quality and responsive service.

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DeBary is ruthless but effective in developing zones. There are parts of the town with dense housing for middle and poor classes. People can play golf and raise horses even as they retain professional teams to run their business, with the common incentive of decent family lives in appropriate segments of DeBary society. Though DeBary children must still travel to a neighboring town for High School, an Elementary School is now available within city limits.

The modern outlook of DeBary does not inhibit it from respecting the past. Some Parks are named after prominent citizens. The DeBary Hall Historic Site figures in the National Register. The 19th century structure has been restored and is kept in excellent condition. It is not just a silent monument, but is in active use. Most residents have many opportunities to visit its gracious 8 thousand square feet of classic European architecture as well as being used for public events on a regular basis.

Security and law enforcement have due importance in DeBary’s community agenda. A neighborhood watch system operates in close connection with an emergency response system. The town ties in with the security mechanism of Volusia County. Every attempt is made to enjoin public participation in keeping DeBary safe from any untoward incident or foreseeable emergency.

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