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The versatile and piquant bite-sized citrus fruit that now graces many gourmet dishes in the United States comes largely from Dade City. The Kumquat transports the warmth and beauty of its home base all over the country. Pasco County has some of the finest terrain in Florida, and its County Seat of Dade City is a telling example of the adventurous and enterprising spirit of European settlers who established the town in the late 19th century.

Dade City is considered to have one of the best communities in Florida. The friendliness of its people is typical of southern hospitality. Dade City has been rated as amongst the best places where people can lead satisfying lives in retirement. There are many local organizations whose regular and influential activities provide residents with meaningful social roles.

An engaging feature of Dade City is its preservation of historic structures. The first buildings to come up here continue to be in active use and are hence well-kept. The original Court House is used for County offices. The site of the first hotel in Dade City is used in part for lodging visitors to this day, though a new structure has replaced the original building, which was lost in a major fire. The Edwinola is also used as private residence and as a resort, apart from the hotel section. Dade City has extensive realty for home owners who would like to live in classic and signature homes.

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The community spirit that protects the city’s historic structures and puts them to good everyday use extends to planning for Dade City’s prominent place as a tourist attraction on a continuing basis. The Main Street in particular has an absorbing ambience and helps Dade City take position in-between rustic Florida and the big metros. Restaurants of character and exclusive boutiques bring visitors to Dade City in large and growing numbers. Cuisine stretching from Europe all the way to the Far East is available in Dade City, apart from typical American and Mexican fare. The city has rich pickings for collectors of antiques.

Dade City is not just a place for tourists, but is well resourced for family residence as well. Quality education, healthcare and cultural activities meet the best national standards. There are more than 50 Churches in the city and its immediate surroundings, with all major denominations represented. Dade City has more than 20 Baptist Churches.

Dade City has another achievement, which relates to environmental conservation. It has a Tree City USA status due to its extensive and persistent efforts to nurture a broad and generous population of trees within its boundaries. Oak trees occupy center stage in Dade City’s program to provide shade and charm to its streets and neighborhoods.

The Saddlebrook Resort adds to Dade City’s charms for residents and visitors alike. It has a Convention Center with comprehensive amenities that make it a popular choice for business and social events. The swimming, golf and tennis can cater to the most active lifestyles, and makes for a refreshing break from the routine of weekdays. Hunting, camping and hiking are some exhilarating pastimes that Dade City residents can enjoy within short distances from their homes. The Withlacoochee State Trail is best for such outdoor recreation.

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