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The last town at the northern end of US 19 before it leaves the Gulf of Mexico and heads towards the mainland of the United States, is amongst the very best on Florida’s coast. Crystal River belongs to Citrus County in Florida. It is most loved for the enormous and friendly population of manatees that come visiting every winter. Swimming along with these large and gentle creatures, and even reaching out to stroke them, is an unforgettable experience for people who have few other opportunities to reach out to wild-life. Though the manatees make Crystal River such a special place, the town has many other recreation opportunities. It is a major center for eco-tourism. Crystal River also has the infrastructure to support its tourist appeal. There are places to stay and restaurants to suit most wallets and appetites. Visitors can look forward to good value, friendly service and top-class amenities.

The Homosassa Springs Wildlife Park is a faithful representative of Crystal River’s bio-diversity. It has plenty of manatees that move freely between the aquifer and the sea. Visitors can observe them from a convenient shelter beneath the ground. The Park’s elevated walk yields exciting encounters, though from safe distance, of cougars, bears, otters and other fauna that one does not get to see often. The land above Homosassa Springs is one of the very few remaining places where bird-watchers can observe the Whooping Crane.

Crystal River is a haven for vacationers who enjoy water sports. Boating, fishing, canoeing and kayaking are possible, with the rare touch of snorkeling, diving and swimming amongst manatees. You need not have previous experience of these activities as there are many guided tours and safaris available. Children, who have the opportunity to spend a few days in Crystal River, often become accomplished in outdoor activities and ecological enthusiasts later in life.

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The banks of the Homosassa River feed abundant plant and animal life. This extends Crystal River’s attractions beyond the sea and inland water bodies to terrain that suits hiking and camping. The number of trails and sites justify repeated vacations in Crystal River. Regular visitors never cease to be amazed at the variety of scenery and new species that they discover on each new trip. A choice of 9 golf courses with refreshing surroundings and very challenging traps, adds pleasant variety to the attractive prospects of a Crystal River vacation.

Crystal River is not just about fun, but also holds key lessons in the primordial history of habitation of the North American continent. The Crystal River Archaeological Site is a National Historic Landmark near Crystal River. It was discovered around the beginning of the 20th century, and it has taken almost 100 years to unearth its treasures of Native Indian culture. Though no human community has lived here for the last thousand years, it is a favorite breeding ground for shore and sea birds. Avid birders can notch up impressive sightings at the site.

A visit to the Naber Kids Doll Factory adds a flavor to a Crystal River holiday that is different from the usual experience at most vacation spots. Do not let the word ‘doll’ mislead you though-the hand-crafted wooden figures are one-of-a-kind collectibles, rather than casual toys for girls. A ‘hospital’ at the factory protects your investment in a doll, by offering comprehensive and professional repair facilities.

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